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Join us on the trail for the Pinetree Classic X-Country Meet on Saturday September 15, 2018.

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Club Rules and Policies

Special Liability Statement

The sports of running and trail running have associated risks for those participating. These risks include (but are not limited to) physical trauma (broken bones, lacerations, strains, muscle tears etc.), animal attacks (dogs, bears, cougars and other wild animals), exhaustion, heat-stroke, hypothermia, exercise induced medical emergencies (heart attack etc.), motor vehicle collisions and becoming lost in remote areas.

By attending a Phoenix Running Club event, participants acknowledge that they will potentially be exposed to these (and other) risks and do so entirely at their own risk. Neither Phoenix Running Club, nor individual members leading a run are responsible for the safety of others taking part. It is entirely up to individuals to ensure that they have the fitness level, skills, experience, equipment and training to safely take part.

Safety, Risk Management and Club Policies

We are a Coquitlam-based road, track and trail club. We meet several times a week for training sessions and cater to all age groups from enthusiastic juniors to more senior runners - some fast and some rather more cautious. We also welcome walkers to join us. Walkers can complete parts of the same trail loops that the runners cover each Saturday.

The club does not have ‘formal coaching’ in the sport of running/walking, but there is a wealth of experience and knowledge among the members who gladly share with athletes starting in the sport as well as athletes polishing their competitive skills.

It is important that each member and visitor be safety aware, use common sense, and enjoy their walking/running experiences within their fitness and performance abilities. Phoenix Running Club is where walkers and runners are welcomed to have fun and to promote this sport with others who share the same interest and passion.

Phoenix Running Club is proud to be a non-profit organization that provides social benefits to members and visitors to the club.  All work done by Board Members and other club members, such as organizing and working at special Club events (i.e. the Pinetree Classic Cross Country Meet), organizing training walks/runs (as posted on the Club’s website or Meet-up) is done on a volunteer basis.

Safety Tips:

1. Use Common Sense

2. If you have any health concerns check with your physician prior to starting a new exercise or fitness program.

3. Train and race within your fitness and performance abilities.

4. Be Safety Aware – adjust and accommodate your running or walking to the situation. Anticipate potential hazards:

  • movements of wild or domestic animals (off-leash dogs are permitted in Mundy Park from dawn until 10:00 a.m. and there are many dogs in the Park on Saturday mornings).
  • movements of other distracted patrons using the same facilities.
  • uneven, slippery, hard, or ‘technical’ surfaces.
  • poor visibility due to weather or lighting – others may not be able to see you: use lights and/or reflective clothing when necessary.

5. Reduce Risk

  • Ensure you can get help if needed – Run or walk with a buddy or in a group. Carry a cell phone if in remote areas or you are alone. Ensure someone knows where you are and your expected time of return.
  • Be respectful and courteous to other patrons – let them know you are approaching them  i.e. “on your left – thanks”.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the roads, Parks and Recreation, and BC’s laws.
  • If hazards on training routes are identified (i.e. snow or frozen ground, fallen trees) – change the route.
  • Be proactive in researching new trails and routes to ensure they match your skill level – elevation/grade, technical, local wildlife including wildlife alerts, cell reception, subject to sudden weather changes, and traffic hazards .
  • Recommend individuals or groups (club members and visitors) trying new or ‘challenging’ trails and routes, to note on a piece of paper:
    • the specific challenges/risks of the proposed route.
    • date and time of departure – expected date and time of return.
    • statement that each person accepts the risks related to doing the trail/route and that Phoenix Running (and Walking) Club or any individual Club member or visitor is not liable for any loss, harm or injury that may result from participating in trail/route/event.
    • each member of the group sign the piece of paper and leave a emergency contact number.
    • place the piece of paper with the statements and signatures in a vehicle at the start of the trail/route or in the trail/route’s designated place for such information if one exists.

Visitors join and club members maintain current club membership to receive the benefits of being a British Columbia Athletics Associate Club member

   i. Visitors are welcomed to ‘try the club out’ for 2-4 weeks

   ii. Club fees are due by December 31st to maintain current club membership

6. Continuous Improvement of the Phoenix Running (and Walking) Club’s Safety Plan / Risk Management

i. Phoenix Running Club encourages visitors and members to inform the club executive of any safety concerns or ideas to improve the visitors’ and club members’ safety.

ii. Safety discussion shall be a standing item of Phoenix Running Club General Annual Meeting.  Recommendations will be noted in the minutes as well as the Club’s decision to incorporate or reject the recommendations in the Club’s Safety Plan /Risk Management.

iii. Phoenix Running (and Walking) Club Safety Plan / Risk Management will be posted on the Club’s website and acknowledged on the Club’s registration form.