Pinetree Classic Cross Country Meet

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Men's Order of Finish (5K and 8K)

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Women's 5K Age Graded

Boys & Girls 2.5K Order of Finish

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Boys & Girls 3.5K Order of Finish

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men racing in a forest Mikhail Titov and John Atkinson duke it out in the forest.
kids near race finish a race marshall
Boys fighting near the end of the 2.5K race Gunther Bauer of Phoenix is a stalwart forest marshall
warming up for a race in the finishing chute of a race
Rachel Ruus, winner of the women's 5K, leads her students in a warmup The joy of finishing!
race registrars Drew Nicholson after race
Phoenix race registrars are risking sunburn on this gorgeous day! Drew Nicholson is happy with his 2nd place in the men's 8K.
starting a race in Mundy Park masters receiving race awards
The 3.5K race is off! Masters 70 + participants Jean-Jacques Schmidt and John Caruso receive their awards.

All photos by Phoenix 800m speedster Warren McCulloch. He's a talented photographer too!

More Photos

Do take a look at the many excellent photos by Teresa and Warren!

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2012 Pinetree Classic Highlights Video by Keith Dunn

BCJohnny outsprints "the Russian" (Mik Titov) by Keith Dunn