The 23rd Annual Abbotsford Police Challenge 10K and 5K 8th June:

A report from Tom Brown on his excellent race following a serious knee injury:

Aside from the Ambleside Mile last weekend, this was my first road race in over 20 years - trails ruled - but time now to include some road events.
The 5K had approx 300 entrants, the 10K about 150. 
For the first 2km we shared the road - with the 10K group getting a 5 min  head start.
I ran the rolling 5K route which was a good test of my current fitness (and of my knee recovery ).
My chip time of 23:34 was good for 15th overall and 1st in the 60-69 age group.
For winning the age group I rec'd a $50 gift certificate from ASICS and Peninsula Runners which I'll put towards new road shoes. 
All finishers rec'd a medallion - presented by a Special Olympics representative.
This is a great event - challenging course, excellent organization, support for the Special Olympics, prizes and finish area goodies.
I encourage everyone to test the course next year.

Tom Brown Medal


Sandcastle City Classic 10km Road Race June 9th:

Larry Lorette was 7th overall (2nd in 45-49 age group) in the Sandcastle 10K, with a time of 36:36. Congratulations Larry!


Alice Lake, Squamish, June 8, 5 Peaks trail series race number 2.

A report from Vas Sladek on his 5 Peaks Race......

2nd/16 in age group; 12/146 overall in sport race, 6.9 km.

Brought my wife and kids and achieved my dream of having my kids see me on the podium!

Good conditions, great singletrack, beat my buddy Gordon Flett by 30 seconds!

Some days work out really well.

Vas Podium


Ambleside Mile Report

Phoenix at Ambleside

A good time was had by all at the 2013 Ambleside Mile. Phoenix, with 12 club members running, made up more than 10% of the field! Everyone ran faster than their “trial mile” the week before in Mundy Park. Several Phoenix members posted top-three age category finishers, with Nancy Tinari and Heather Taylor winning the 50–59 and 60–69 categories, respectively. Warren McCulloch was the first Phoenix finisher with a time of 5:04. (This is in spite of his training being mostly pool-running at the moment!) Warren had a good battle with former Phoenix member Mikhail Titov.

Phoenix Results


Time (Chip)

Age-graded result

Place in category (if top 3)

Warren McCulloch



2 (8th O/A)

Nancy Tinari



1 (2nd female O/A)

Steve Chapman




Steve Graham




Tom Brown




Jim Thomson




Gunther Bauer




Salima Shiviji




John Taylor




Vic Suddaby




Heather Taylor




Kit Slade




Please view Keith Dunn’s excellent video coverage from the finish line and the awards ceremony. The video shows all finishers and is just under 10 minutes long. You can see everyone from Phoenix finish by the 4:35 point of the video.

Jackie Chapman’s video highlighting husband Steve passing the 1,200m point is quite funny. She also captures Nancy Tinari, Steve Graham (in a blue shirt), and Tom Brown. You can view Jackie’s video if you are on Facebook, on my page or Steve’s page.


Vancouver Marathon, May 5, 2013

Congratulations to Adam Frilund and Joey Gargaro for completing the full marathon distance on an uncomfortably warm day. Adam set a big PB with his finishing time of 2:52:24, good enough for 30th overall! Adam is on a roll this spring and he's only going to get better.

This was Joey's first marathon, and he was proud to finish (in 4:36) in spite of having to walk a little because of injury problems.

5 Peaks Trail Race Series #1, Golden Ears, May 11, 2013

Golden Ears 5 Peaks Finish area

Vas Sladek was pleased to tell me about another podium finish of his, as he was third male 40–49 in an 8.8K trail race, the first race in the 5 Peaks Trail Series. The photo shows the finish area in Golden Ears park. Vas was an excellent 11th out of 208 finishers overall.

Vas's 5 Peaks Medal

Pretty nice medal, I'd say!


Vas shaking hands Golden Ears

Vas shakes hands with a fellow trail runner.

Phoenix at the Vancouver Sun Run, April 21, 2013


We Phoenixers can be proud of our small club’s performances at last Sunday’s Vancouver Sun Run. Highlights were Dave Frilund and Gunther Bauer’s fourth place age group finishes. Congratulations also to Adam Frilund and Steve Chapman for their new 10K PBs! Steve’s is especially noteworthy as he took an astonishing eleven minutes off his previous 10K best, even though he started in the “Greens” and had to fight his way through thousands of runners.

Adam Frilund, Dave Frilund and Larry Lorette at 2013 Sun Run

Larry, Dave and Adam in their Boston blue-and-yellow after the finish

Larry Lorette turned in another fine performance with a 35:54, while Chris Tomkinson, running with “dead legs from cycling” still managed a 36:50. Meanwhile, two of the more senior members of our club, John Woodcock and Vic Suddaby, managed to squeak under the one-hour mark, proving the value of a strong competitive spirit!

Doug Alward (longtime former Phoenixer) also ran in the Sun Run, but under an alias for a team who needed a runner at the last minute. Doug told me he was on pace for about a 35:30 at the 8K mark, but for mysterious reasons he chose to jog in slowly after the bridge.

You can watch our Phoenix members in action by following Keith Dunn’s video coverage from the Cambie St. bridge, where he was positioned at about the 9K mark. There are three videos:

1. A  5-minute “Highlights” version of the race showing the top competitors.

2. A 24-minute video showing finishers who completed the 10K in about 50 minutes or less. In this video you can see Adam at about 32:05 on the video’s race-time clock, Doug at 33:00, Larry at 33:30, Dave at 35:26, and Kyle at 36:26. Where is Chris?

3. Another long video showing finishers who completed the 10K in between about 50 minutes and  1hr13 minutes. Steve appears in this video at about 53:36 on the gun-time clock (though he ran much faster by chip time). John W. and Vic should also be in this video.

I've summarized our club's results below. If any other club members competed in the Sun Run, please let me know and send me your results.


Name Time Place in Category (if top ten)
Adam Frilund 34:27  
Larry Lorette 35:54 6
Chris Tomkinson 36:50 8
Dave Frilund 38:13 4
Kyle Smith 39:14 9
Steve Chapman 45:06  
Gunther Bauer 49:18 4
John Woodcock 59:14  
Vic Suddaby 59:30  

March 30, 2013 MEC 10K #2, North Vancouver

Vas and Gordon Flett

Vas Sladek stands proudly with competitor Gordon Flett after winning his age division at MEC's second 5k/10k race weekend. Vas reports that he ran a PB for 10K in this race, going under 45 minutes! The MEC races are fun, simple, and inexpensive, costing only $15.

Vas is definitely spreading the fame of the Phoenix club as he is our most prolific racer by far! Last weekend Vas raced in the String Run-off 8K in Stanley Park, the first 2013 race of the Canada Running Series. He won a third place age division ribbon at this BC Championship event, his first BC Athletics ribbon. Congratulations, Vas!



March 16, 2013 St. Patrick's Day 5K, Stanley Park

This fun race, with over 1,800 finishers and tons of prizes, was attended by avid Phoenix competitors Dave Frilund and Vaclav Slavek. Dave ran a time of 19:02 on this tough course with a big uphill at the end. That was good enough for second place in his age division. Vas raced to a respectable 21:43. View complete results here. Also, be sure to watch Keith's highlights video of the race here.

Link for video:

Link for results:

80% of the runners at the St. Patrick's 5K were in costume!

80% of the runners at the St. Patrick's 5K were in costume!

Dave Frilund

Dave Frilund


March 2, 2013 Dave Reed Classic 5K, Stanley Park

Phoenix had a good turnout for this race, put on by the VFAC club and named in memory of our former Phoenix and VFAC teammate Dave Reed. We had seven people competing on a typical Vancouver morning of mild temperatures and light rain. Keith and I were also there to videotape the race and Warren came out to cheer although a persistent calf injury kept him out of the race.

It was easy to spot those good-looking Phoenix red singlets! However, a couple of club members were not wearing them, and were difficult to see—you know who you are!

Special congratulations to Adam Frilund and Mary Gargaro who set PBs in this race! Phoenix results are summarized in the table below. You can view the complete results here. Also be sure to watch Keith's three videos of the race! He has already posted a "long video" and "short video". He is currently working on a video that will showcase Phoenix members exclusively—to be posted soon.

Name Time Place in Category
Adam Frilund 17:24 3 (8th overall)
Larry Lorette 17:55 1 (10th overall)
Dave Frilund 19:15 1
Anna Hilborn 21:34 5
Joey Gargaro 21:40 11
Vas Sladek 22:01 6
Mary Gargaro 26:38 6


February 24, 2013 Fort-2-Fort 5K, Langley

Thanks to Vas Sladek for his report from the Fort-2-Fort 5K cross-country race in Langley. Vas bravely ran this event in the pouring rain one day after our Phoenix Chase Run. He finished fourth in his age group with a time of 22:15. More importantly, he told me he was happy about the mud pit on the course!

February 23, 2013 Phoenix 5K Handicapped Chase Run

You can view the complete results (by order of finish and by age-graded percentage) here. Video should be posted by late Saturday evening!

February 10, 2013 "First Half" Half Marathon

Phoenix members put on a great show at the First Half popular Half Marathon yesterday. The most impressive performances were those of father-and-son Dave and Adam Frilund. Dave won the 55–59 age category in a time of 1:25:04. Adam had tons left at the finish, as he sprinted powerfully by elite masters runner Lisa Harvey just before the line.

You can enjoy watching the Phoenix runners, as well as the race leaders, in these videos by Keith Dunn:

Adam Frilund (with Lisa Harvey) and Larry Lorette finishing:

Five-minute video of the start, 1.5 km mark and top finishers (men and women). This is mostly in slow motion. The finish starts at 3:30 into the video.

Long version of First Half. Finish starts 6:15 into the 14 minute video. This one gives you some excellent closeups ofr the runners.

Thanks to Larry Lorette for sending me the Phoenix results, summarized in the table below. You can view the complete race results here.

Name Time Place in Age Group
Adam Frilund 1:20:00  
Larry Lorette 1:20:11 3
Chris Tomkinson 1:22:43 4
Dave Frilund 1:25:03 1
Beth Bentley 1:25:57  
Matt Sessions 1:27:06  
Peggy Brown 1:55:40  

chris tomkinson First Half

Chris Tomkinson wearing a "vintage" Phoenix t-shirt. Photo by Mike Palichuk.

February 3, 2013 Aldergrove Mud Run 8K

Vas Slavek writes, "I normally enter all races with the word "mud" in their title. Sadly, this race didn't have any mud; it was in great shape with nice walking trails and some grass, gently rolling and winding through the park. There was one real climb at the 1km mark.
I felt much better than at the Steveston 8km road race. I finished 34/141 overall, 7th in the 40-49 age group, with 37:40, and I really enjoyed the race."

Thanks for the report, Vas. I notice this race didn't stop you from doing the Cloverleaf workout with the club the day before, either!

January 27, 2013 Icebreaker 8K, Steveston

Several Phoneix members competed in the first event of the Lower Mainland Road Racing Series. They were led by Larry Lorette, who won his age category, placing 24th overall in a time of 29:03. Adam Frilund (29:24) had a rare victory over his father Dave (31:08) who grabbed a third place finish in his age group. Joey Gargaro ran a solid time of 35:01, and new club member Vaclav Sladek finished in 36:50.

View complete race results here.

I came across this photo of our own Matt Sessions with Mel Boss before the start of their 100-miler HURT race in Hawaii. This photo was in Mel's blog article about the race, which you can read here.

Perhaps Matt will send me more information about his own race.

Matt Sessions and Mel Bos at HURT 100-miler

December 2, 2012 California International Marathon

Larry Lorette, Maureen Curtin, and Dave Frilund were in Sacramento this weekend, competing in the marathon after a fall of hard, consistent training together. The weather there was uncharacteristically rainy and cool. Larry had an outstanding race, demonstrating that his time off with an injured hamstring hadn't hurt him too much. He ran 2:49:39 to place second in the 45–49 age group and 98th overall out of over six thousand runners! Dave also had a solid race. His 3:03:55 was good enough for fourth place in the 55–59 age group. I was surprised to see Maureen's name in the results because I didn't know she had planned to run the marathon! It may have been a last-minute decision, but Maureen completed the race in 3:44:50 to place 31st in the 45–49 age division.

December 1, 2012 Gunner Shaw 10K Cross Country Finale

JoeyWaterGS2012 VasFinishGS2012
Joey runs tough in the swamp at GS. Vas crosses the line in his first GS.

The photo above doesn't really show you just how deep the "swamp" at Jericho was this year. I was amazed how well Joey and many of the other racers were able to run through that long stretch of icy water that was splashing them right up to their necks.

Phoenix was represented by only three runners this year: Joey Gargaro, new member Vas Sladek, and veteran Gunner Shaw racer Kathryn O'Grady. The official results aren't posted yet but I can report that Vas finished his first Gunner Shaw in 46:50, and thought the course was "brilliant"! It was even a 10K PB for Vas! Joey, running the 10K distance at the Gunner Shaw for the first time, was close behind Vas in 47 minutes. Kathryn ran a strong race to squeeze just under 50 minutes at the finish line. Kathryn reported that the stream crossing was especially disgusting this year--being very "stinky" as well as deep.

Watch Keith Dunn's video of the Gunner Shaw here!

November 24, 2012 Canadian Cross Country Championships, Jericho Beach


Start of the masters 8K 10:00 a.m.

Phoenix had two competitors in the Masters Championship 8K race, Warren McCulloch and new member Vaclav Sladek. Conditions were ideal at Jericho Beach Park, though the week's heavy rain ensured that the course was wet and muddy in plenty of spots. The 2K loop course had been changed very slightly from last year, and in general the times were very fast.


Warren before the 8K Masters race

Warren felt good going into the race after a solid fall of cross country training, but a side stitch hampered him greatly in the second half of the race and he struggled to the finish in a time of 29:59. This was only good enough for 14th in his extremely competitive 45–49 age division. In fact, the race was won by 49-year-old Steve Boyd in a time of 26:02. Steve beat a tough Kevin O'Connor handily. Steve told me after the race that his training had been going well, and he expected to be able to run the pace he held throughout the race.

An enthusiastic Vaclav was not intimidated by his first experience of national competition, and finished the 8K in a time of 35:35.

Keith Dunn was busy videotaping at the meet. Click the links below to view the Junior Women's and Senior Men's races. The masters race video has not been edited yet.

Junior Women’s 5K

Senior Men’s 10K

View complete results of all races here.

November 11, 2012 Remembrance Day 8K—Stanley Park

Warren McCulloch at Remembrance Day 8K

Warren is happy he won't have to warm up in the rain at the Remembrance Day 8K.

Only four Phoenix members took part in this race, which is a long-held Vancouver tradition, especially for masters runners. An open race was added to the event a few years ago; this year, Joey Gargaro competed in the open race, which began 10 minutes after the 11:01 masters start. Warren McCulloch, Mary Gargaro and I were amongst those listening to the bugle player's Last Post as we shivered on the starting line. We were thankful it wasn't raining, though—and the rain followed immediately once the race was over!

Unfortunately, a computer glitch with the online entries delayed the posting of race results, but I've finally been able to confirm our times! Warren placed 6th overall in the masters race (35+), though his age category was laden with talent and he was 4th in the 45–49 in 30:03. I managed to place 5th overall in the masters women with a time of 34:53, winning the 50–54 age category. Mary Gargaro, in spite of having to miss a lot of running in the past two months because of frustrating calf and hamstring injuries, still ran strongly to placed 5th in the women's 50–54 in a time of 49:05. Joey finished with a time of 38:40, just a little ahead of his mom because of his 10-minute "handicap"!

The course was fast this year—drier than I've ever seen it—and the pizza was plentiful!

View complete race results here.

November 3, 2012 BC High School Cross Country Championships—Prince George

Coach John Taylor reported that Kyle Smith placed 54th (in a field of over two hundred) in this highly-competitive race. Apparently Kyle wasn't pleased with this result, but considering he had a stress fracture recently, it's a good performance.

October 28, 2012 The James Cunningham Seawall 5.9 Mile Race

Three Phoenix runners took part in this classic Vancouver road race. Larry Lorette nabbed 2nd place in the men's 40–44 division with a time of 35:53. Kathryn O'Grady also earned a silver medal, finishing 2nd in the women's 55–59 division with a time of 44:45. Joey Gargaro's 43:17 was good for a 10th place finish in the men's 20–24 division.

October 27, 2012 BC Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to Warren McCulloch, who placed 3rd in the men's 45–49 division at the BC Cross Country Championships. Warren covered the 8K masters course in a time of 30:15, placing 5th overall out of all the masters, who included competitors aged 35 and over. I know Warren trained consistently in Mundy Park this fall to prepare for this fall's cross country season. He'll be racing at the Nationals at Jericho Beach on November 24!

October 7, 2012 Victoria Marathon, Half Marathon and 8K

Starting out early in the morning, Warren McCulloch scored a 16th place (men) finish in the 8K, fast enough to win his age category with a time of 28:07. In the half marathon, it looked like Larry Lorette and Dave Frilund ran together, as they came in at 1:22:30 and 1:22:35, respectively. Larry placed 8th in the 40–44 category, and Dave placed 2nd in the 55–59 category. Maureen Curtin also achieved a medal result, with her 3rd place finish in the 45–49 category in a time of 1:33:18. Dave's son Adam Frilund completed the marathon, but didn't crack the 3-hour barrier, finishing in 3:05:46.

September 30, 2012 Surrey International Music Marathon

Congratulations to Matt Sessions who finished 11th overall in the full marathon with a time of 3:04:44. Matt was the winner of the 45–49 age division.

September 29, 2012 Crescent Park Cross Country (Lower Mainland Series)

Joey Gargaro was pleased with his 7.85K race. He placed 5th in his age category with a time of 36:24.

August 19, 2012 Richmond Oval 10K

Phoenix members were out in force at this race, it being the final event in the Lower Mainland Road Race Series. Dave Frilund followed up his excellent performance in Squamish last weekend with a 12th place overall in Richmond, but tied in points in the Series with Gordon Carscadden because of early post-injury races. He had to be satisfied with second place in the Series. Nice way to finish, though, especially beating Larry Nightingale!

Mary Gargaro completed her first 10K race ever, finishing comfortably inside the one-hour barrier with her 57:47.

Phoenix Results

Name Time
Dave Frilund
Richard Armstrong
Maureen Curtin
Joey Gargaro
Peggy Brown
Mary Gargaro


Richmond Oval 10K Photo Gallery

Maureen and daughter Richmond 10K Dave Frilund Richmond10K JoeyLMRRSAwards
Mary Richmond 10K Awards Richard Running Richmond 10K LarryGettingLMRRSAward
Top Left: Maureen Top Middle: Davey F. in flight Top Right: Joey with new Timex watch
Bottom Left: Mary places in Series. Love the socks! Bottom Middle: Richard finishing the 10K Bottom Right: Larry second in Series

Thanks to Larry Lorette, Frank Stebner, and Teresa Nightingale for the photos!

Final Standings in the Lower Mainland Road Race Series

Five Phoenix members raced often enough and well enough in the series to nail a top-3 position in their age category! Joey seemed quite thrilled about winning a Timex watch for his efforts.

Here is a summary of Phoenix members' placings:

Category Place
Joey Gargaro M20-24 1st
Dave Frilund M55-59 2nd
Larry Lorette M40-44 2nd
Richard Armstrong M50-54 2nd
Mary Gargaro F50-54 3rd


August 12, 2012 Squamish Days 10K

Congratulations to Dave Frilund, who finished 9th overall and 1st in his age division at this race. Dave is obviously "peaking" with one more race to go in the Lower Mainland race series. In a race characterized by slow times, Dave ran a 38:05 to beat former Phoenix member John Atkinson by one place and 14 seconds. There were no other Phoenix participants that I could see—I guess everyone was watching the Olympic marathon!

July 21, 2012 Summerfast 10K, Stanley Park

A small contingent of Phoenix runners ran uniformly well in this popular summer race. The gray skies and cool temperatures (unusual for this event) were probably welcomed by the runners.

As usual, Larry Lorette led the Phoenix finishers, coming in 12th overall and third in his age group with a time of 36:53. Dave Frilund was next, showing improved fitness for this season with his 38:05, good enough to win his age category. Richard Armstrong also placed in his age group, second in 41:46. Maureen Curtin, not far behind Richard with her 42:49, also got a second place finish in her age category.

Joey Gargaro's stories

Please enjoy the three brief stories below where Joey has summarized his experiences at his last three races.

Shaughnessy 8k
(by Joey Gargaro)

Just a short story. As I was about to set out that morning in the the race I convinced my mom to run it and as soon as she got there she wanted to do it. She did really well. I did really well too as I got into the zone pushed up the hill and the whole race till I got back down the hill and sped to the finish as quickly as I could. My time was 36 min, same as last year, but I actually did a better job this year as compared to last year.

UBC Longest Day 2012
(by Joey Gargaro)

Hi, Joey again to tell my story. Both me and my mom started the race. We had our fan club of my dad, dog, and sister Kristina who helped us out a lot with motivation before, during and after the race.  

The race gun goes off I kept a strong pace throughout the event till I reached the 4k mark when I opened up and broke away from the pack. I could hear my dad and sister yelling “COME ON JOE PICK IT UP, GO FOR IT.” Didn’t stop until the end which was a great time for me; a 5k time of 20min and 52sec another personal best! After the race as I was about to go for a cool down and I saw my mom come in with a time of 26:17, her personal best, so in the end both mom and son got pb’s!!

After Party—we set our running to the side for a moment and had a huge feast of burgers, fruit, cookies etc. For next year’s race the two Gargaros and our entourage will come again to this event as they have such a delicious after party …….That’s the best part : )

Scotia Bank Half Marathon
Part 2  (by Joey Gargaro)

Hello this is Joey here again to tell you about my race this year. It was a clear and cloudy morning as thousands of runners took part in the Scotiabank half marathon.  As I entered the starting line I said to myself here we go again!

The race started. I was doing good throughout the event but this time had some trouble in some sections of the race. I pushed through it and eventually got to the legendary bridge! I put my head down and continued to climb it, feeling sluggish now. After crossing the bridge I was able to keep my pace again and eventually I was at the finish with a time of 1 hour and 39 minutes, an 8 minute improvement from last year’s race which was 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Thanks for reading


June 24, 2012 Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon


Larry Lorette tells wife Maureen about his new half-marathon PB: 1:19:59 (chip time), 1:20.00 (gun time). He had to injure his hamstring in a final all-out sprint to sneak under 1:20!

Congratulations to Larry, and also to two other Phoenix runners who did well yesterday. Joey Gargaro beat his old PB by eight minutes to finish in 1:39:22 (10th in his age group.) Vic Suddaby ran his fastest half of the year, finishing 5th in his age group with 2:19:18.


Larry shows how we could all be running fashionistas!

Mary Gargaro's story of the Longest Day 5K

I just wanted to say a few words about my experiences this season and particularly the UBC Longest Day race event. First of all I was feeling under the weather with a sore throat which has now blossomed into a sinus cold….I felt I wasn’t up for the race but Joey as well as Felix and Kristina encouraged me to do it and not worry about results. They said remember about the great food that will be served afterwards!

So off we go I start running I can’t see Joey in the distance so I know he had a good start. I was surprised to see my legs were good, my breathing was good and my throat was not as dry as I thought. I kept going and as I passed each kilometer mark I was growing more and more excited that the finish was near and I was in good shape considering my sore throat.

As I came towards the finish and turned the corner I still had gas inside of me so I picked it up best I could. I made it across the finish line with a 26:17 time—my personal best! Joey also ran his personal best: 20:53. We were elated. I was thinking about George as I came across the finishing line and all those words of wisdom and confidence he instilled in me. It was a great moment. I actually improved my time by over 2 minutes from last year’s race, hooray!

This year was a growing year for me with my improvement in running and a milestone year as I turned 50. I am pleased to be part of the Phoenix Running Club, a great inspiration for us all.

Until next running season.

Mary Gargaro

June 15, 2012: Longest Day 5K, UBC

Only five days after the Sandcastle 10K, Larry, Dave and Richard were lining up for the start of the next race in the series. Joining them were fellow Phoenix runners Joey and Mary Gargaro, Maureen Curtin and Nancy Tinari. I was thrilled that Maureen loaned me her red Phoenix singlet so I could race in it for the first time!

The course was altered quite a bit this year—most of us felt that the changes made it faster. The uphill after 1K was more gradual, and the route back was along East Mall rather than the pedestrian path. The finish on the grass field remained the same, so there was a sharp left turn to make after the final downhill.

Phoenix Results
Name Time (Chip) Place in Category
Larry Lorette 17:22 2 (22nd overall)
Dave Frilund 18:47 2
Nancy Tinari 19:35 1
Richard Armstrong 20:13 5
Joey Gargaro 20:53 (PB) 3
Maureen Curtin 21:12 4
Mary Gargaro 26:17 (PB) 11
DaveFLongestDay5K JoeyLongestDay5K
MaryLongestDay5K NancyLongestDay5K

Photos were copied from the Lower Mainland Road Race Series Facebook page.

June 8, 2012: Sandcastle 10K, White Rock

A few our our keenest Lower Mainland Race Series participants logged more points on this hilly White Rock course. Larry Lorette added another fine performance to his season, finishing 16th overall and second in his age group in 17:17. Dave Frilund wasn't far behind in 38:23, also nabbing second place in his age group. Richard Armstrong's 41:57 was fast enough to earn him second place in the 50–54 age category.

June 2, 2012: Ambleside Masters Mile

This was once a favourite event for Phoenix members, but this year the only club participants were Warren McCulloch and Richard Armstrong. The course was moved off Marine Drive this year, so Warren's win of 4:43 becomes the new course record! Richard ducked under 6:00 with his 5:55. Thanks to Mikhail Titrov for the photo below as well as the one showing Warren's victory on the Home Page.



May 27, 2012: Shaughnessy 8K

Several Phoenix racers took part in this classic event, part of the Timex series, the Lower Mainland series and the B.C. 8K championship. Larry Lorette continued a good season with a sparkling performance of 29:25 on this tough course. Here is what Larry said about his performance:

I really enjoyed this race. I’m not too proud of my time but more of how I finished. I was trailing a group of runners by about 20 meters (Larry Nightingale, Steve Mattina, and Brian Wynhoven) with about 1.5 km to go. I was not really confident since I’ve never been this close to any of those guys this late in a race. I took a chance and passed Larry and Steve on the last corner of the loop leading to the last downhill before the finish. They put up a fight for quite a while but I outkicked them to the finish. I darn near chased down Brian as well. This was more of a confidence booster than anything.

The other Phoenix finishers were Maureen Curtin, 3rd in her age group with 35:12; Dave Frilund, 2nd in his age group in 31:25; and the Gargaro team, with Joey in 36:00 and Mary in 45:50. I believe this was Mary's first 8K--congratulations!

Mother's Day Spring Classic 5K

Mother's Day 5K 2012 Results: click the link below.

Many thanks to Hans Fenz for sharing his photo album of the race! To view, click here:

Below: The kids are off in the Fun Run under perfect sunny skies.



Katherine Moore PB'd in 17:57 to take third place in the women.


John Machuga was the second finisher in a close 16:21 behind Tom Michie's 16:18.

midpack runners

Lynne Dueck and Andrea MacIntosh lead a bunch to midpack runners toward the finish.


This young man ran a fine race!

BMO Vancouver Marathon and Half Marathon, May 6, 2012

New! Joey Gargaro's view of the Half Marathon

Hello this is Joey here to say that I completed my 2nd half marathon. Let’s get down to business. As I was on the starting line I looked around and I could see thousands of people and I thought wow I feel like I’m somewhere international with the way BMO made this race.

The race started, I was doing a good job throughout the whole race until the 19k when I “hit the wall” but I said as always don’t give up or quit you’re almost there, I could hear all the Phoenix coaches saying the same thing, even George who I think is watching us from above.  Sure enough I got my second wind and I shaved a whole 6 minutes off my time from last year which was 1 hour and 47 minutes at the Scotiabank half marathon. This time I ran it in 1 hour and 41 minutes. This was a personal best—way to go Joey.

I will continue to train hard because now I feel more comfortable in this type of event. Once again I would like to thank Phoenix Running Club and who knows by next year I could be running full marathons?

Joey Gargaro

Congratulations to some fine performances from our club members today. Kathryn O'Grady ran much faster in the marathon today than she did in Boston; not surprising given that the weather conditions were perfect today, but still an impressive "marathon double." Kathryn's time was 3:35:02, good enough for 3rd place in her (new) age category.

Larry Lorette was first in the 40–44 age category in the half marathon with a time of 1:20:21. And Joey Gargaro ran a PB of 1:41:24 in the half!

*Thanks to updates from Larry: Matt Sessions finished the marathon in 3:36:50 despite doing a 100-mile race last weekend; Peggy Brown also completed the marathon in 4:29:59; and Maureen Curtin was 4th in her age category in the half with a time of 1:33.24.

* Vic Suddaby reluctantly reported that he ran 2:42 (for the half, I'm assuming) with a "slower friend." Way to go, Vic.

Vancouver Sun Run, April 15, 2012

From my perch at the 9K mark of the Sun Run yesterday, I saw some Phoenix runners go by. Our club members had some outstanding runs! Here are the highlights:

If I've missed you, please let me know, and tell me your time. Where was John W.?

*BTW, I love those new red Phoenix singlets.

The Rich Race Reports by Richard Armstrong

St. Patrick's Day 5 K   March 17, 2012

A cool and overcast day, good for running.1314 runners finished the Seawall course that has a new start at the Stanley Park Pavilion. This is a beautiful lodge-type building with two wood-burning fireplaces, a ballroom where the awards are presented and three connecting bars with room for a fourth on the huge covered veranda.
This would be an ideal race for the Phoenix club to take in as a group as there are people of all speeds participating, many of whom are in costume, and the whole race is fun.
There are lots of tables to sit around and drink beer out of your complimentary Granville Island glass, (now that I have two glasses I can drink beer with either hand). We would be sheltered from the possible rain and able to socialize in a fun and warm environment.
There was also a huge tent erected beside the building where the Irish Stew and many other goodies were served.
As for the race itself, I positioned myself near the front with determination to get a fast start.
I almost always start off slow but in a 5 K that is poor tactical running.
So I blasted off at the gun and did the 1st km in 3:45 and from then on tried to maintain a 4 minute /km pace.
The 4 k point is at Lumberman's Arch where the course turns inland and uphill from the seawall.
80% of the last km is uphill but I plugged along, passed a couple more people and finished in a time of  20.06, good for 4/26 in my age group and 134 out of 1314.
As my goal for 2012 is to race at 4 minute/km pace, this was a solid effort.

The Harry Rosen 8 K Spring Run-Off   March 25, 2012

A beautiful day of blue skies, a few puffy white clouds and minimal wind.
1021 people ran this race.
Met up with Larry and Maureen as I approached the packet pick up point at the Miniature Railroad in Stanley Park, which is right beside the Stanley Park Pavilion. The actual starting point for this race was 200 meters behind the St Patrick's Day race along the same driveway.
The three of us did a warmup run and then the race began with Larry just zooming off into the distance.
I did another 3:45 first km and settled into a nice routine, trying to maintain a 4 minute/km pace.
I love running the Seawall and reached the 5 k point just past Third Beach in 20:10 which made me quite happy. However, my legs began to tire and the next three kms were hard work with a gradual slowdown occurring. The last km is once again mostly uphill but I persevered and finished in 32:50 for a 7/64 age group placing and 72 out of 1021.
Definitely a need to do longer uphill repeats.

The Birch Bay 15 K   March 31, 2012

Having been excited by my three previous efforts I thought I would finish off March with a 9.3 mile race. So up at five and across the border I went. It was cool and overcast; excellent for running.
Scoped out the course and after warming up, walked up to the start to find Matt Sessions standing there. He was doing the 30 K race and finished in 3rd overall and first in his age group. 2:04:30.
My plan this time was to run three 5Ks in 22 minutes each but after I ran the first km in 4:20, that pace just felt good and I carried on in good spirits to finish in 1:04:16, good for 17th overall and first in my age group.
Now it's time to continue training for the Longest Day 5 K in June. Go Phoenix Go!!!!


Phoenix Chase Run 5K, March 31, 2012 &

Fools' Run Half-Marathon, Gibsons, April 1, 2012

Name Time Age-Graded %
Chris Tomkinson
Kyle Smith





Alex Seres
20:08 75.9
Nancy Tinari
20:10 83.3
Maureen Curtin
20:36 76.5
Joey Gargaro
20:46 62.5
Larry Lorette*
23:37 58.8
John Taylor*
25:44 69.3
Peggy Brown
26:04 61.5
Mary Gargaro
26:41 61.8
Vic Suddaby
27:36 64.6

*John T. had to run by himself later in the day, so he didn't really "chase", but we'll believe his time.

*Larry was just jogging the course the day before racing in Gibson's in the Fools' Half-Marathon. Congratulations Larry! He ran a great time of 1:21.00 to finish 14th overall and 3rd in the 40–44 category.

For your viewing enjoyment, the links below will take you to video coverage at the crossroads and the finish line.


Harry's Spring Run-off 8K, Stanley Park, March 25, 2012

Congratulations to Larry Lorette, Maureen Curtin and Richard Armstrong for their fine performances is this race. Under perfect sunny skies, Larry finished second in his age group and 22nd overall in 29:05. Maureen nabbed the third spot in the ladies' 45–49 with her 34:20, while Richard placed 6th in the men's 50–54 in a time of 32:51.

Dave Reed Spring Classic 5K, Stanley Park, March 3, 2012

Here is the latest Dave Reed 5K report: this one from Joey Gargaro. Thanks Joey!

Photo by Rick Horne

As I was just seconds away from pushing to the limit and improving my time I noticed this short lady that caught up to me as I was trying to push it and she wouldn’t let up, till finally at the end I passed and beat this woman by a foot then it turns out that it was Nancy!  We spoke after about the race then departed on our separate ways. 

My mom was also running this race and I realized as soon as I turned around at the finish there she was! She said wow this was a really good run and enjoyed the experience and challenge. I think she is hooked now.

In the end everyone from our club did a tremendous job at this race and next stop for me is the big one The Vancouver BMO Half Marathon on May 6th. Let’s have some fun and train hard for it and hopefully by then my dad will be able to walk again. He just had his knee surgery. 

Finally this race wasn’t for me or my mom but it was for my DA—get well soon Dad so that you can start running with us again as well as you Kristina (my sister).

You can view Keith Dunn's excellent video showing the race 400m from the finish as well as pre-race and post-race coverage here.



Phoenix was represented by six racers in this year's edition of the Dave Reed memorial race, hosted by the VFAC club. (For those who don't know, Dave was a member of both Phoenix and VFAC.)

We were very lucky that the rain stopped before warmup time, and it stayed dry throughout the race and the awards ceremony!

I know I'm biased, but to me the most noteworthy performance from our club was Joey Gargaro's amazing last-second sprint to the finish. He passed me immediately before the line. We were both given the same "official" time but yes, he beat me. I'm listing chip times in the table below, which is why my time is faster than his.

Joey and I gave each other a lot of encouragement. Joey was flagging when I caught up to him shortly after the 4K mark, but he immediately matched my pace. After I pulled out all stops about 300m from the finish, I thought I had left him far behind, but boy was I wrong!

View complete race results here. Phoenix results are listed below.

Name Chip Time
Place in Category
Warren McCulloch 17:03
1; 12th overall
Larry Lorette 17:51
Richard Armstrong 20:34
Nancy Tinari 21:27
Joey Gargaro 21:31
Mary Gargaro 28:20


Phoenix 5K Chase Run, Feb. 18, 2012

Feb. 18 Chase Run 5K by Order of Finish
Age-graded Score
Larry Lorette
Dave Frilund
Chris Tomkinson
Beth Bentley
Saira Purhar
Richard Armstrong
74.2 *corrected
Nancy Tinari
Maureen Curtin
Joey Gargaro
John Taylor
Ruby Ferguson
Kit Slade
Heather Taylor
Jonathan Kuroda
Dave Reis
*will keep time private--he had to walk.

Watch the finish line video here! (Thanks, Keith and George.)

First Half Half-Marathon, February 12, 2012

I have discovered excellent results for four Phoenix members in the First Half race results. The first Phoenix member to cross the line was Larry Lorette at 1:22:26. Larry is obviously making a good recovery from an injury-plagued season. Dave Frilund followed soon after in a time of 1:23:27. Dave's 55–59 age group was highly competitive; he placed 3rd in the division, not far behind the two leaders. Notably, Dave's time placed him 24th overall in the age-graded results, out of almost 2,000 competitors. Larry was 11th in the 40–44 category. His wife Maureen nabbed a 3rd place in the women's 40–44 division with a fine time of 1:31:55. Trailing these speedsters was young Adam Frilund at 1:34.08. I'm sure Adam is just warming up.

Steveston Icebreaker 8K, January 29, 2012

Congratulations to Dave Frilund, who won his age group (beating several big-name masters in the process) at this year's edition of the Icebreaker 8K. Dave also placed 34th overall with a solid time of 30:41.

Other Phoenix participants were Richard Armstrong (35:08) and Joey Gargaro (37:24).

The men's winner was Steve Osaduik at 24:53 and Shauna Skinner at 28:44. View complete results here.

Sacramento Marathon, December 4, 2011

Story by Maureen Curtin

When I finally committed to doing another marathon after Boston, Sacramento seemed a perfect option. It was far enough away to give me recovery time but close enough to not lose all the gains I’d made in my Boston training. I was told it was a flat, fast course and after Heartbreak Hill, this sounded good! I can blame both my spouse, Larry, and my friend Pam for convincing me this was just the thing to do.

After getting an awesome flight deal via Bellingham, Larry and I flew into Sacramento on the Friday before the Sunday race. Staying at the Sheraton was very convenient as buses arrived directly at the hotel to bring runners to the start. The Expo was a nice size (not too big and not too small). Larry and I were able to also partake in a talk by Greg McMillan.

Race day was cold for California (in my mind). I wished I had arm warmers throughout most of the race! The race itself was well organized (with washroom lineups not too long and an option to hang out on the school bus prior to the start). The course itself was undulating but mainly flat. There were crowds but they couldn’t be compared to the ones at New York or Boston. With the exception of one pit stop, my race went off without any major glitches. I planned my gels based on the water stations and forced them down as I had practiced. I began ahead of the 3:10 pace group, but they passed me somewhere after the halfway mark. After my pit stop, I was worried the 3:15 pace group had also passed me but as I neared the end, I realized this wasn’t the case. The best moment of course was seeing Larry near the finish, knowing that I was almost there! About 200 metres from the finish, I tried to pass a young woman before rounding the last turn into the finish chute. She sped ahead but as we made our way into the final stretch I was able to find some reserves (must have been those long runs with Larry, Dave, Cindy and Adam!) and pass her just at the finish. I found out later I was probably old enough to be her mother so it was a nice finish to my 3:13:44 marathon PB!

Phoenix Jingle Bell 5K Chase: December 24, 2011

Watch Keith's video here:

Below are the results sorted on the left by race time and on the right by age-graded percent. Note that Beth's age-graded result is out of order because it was added after the table was sorted, after I found out her age. John T.'s age-graded result is also out of order because his time was corrected. I will try to improve the formatting next time so the table is easier to read.

Chase Dec 2011
Sorted by race time           sorted by %  
Name GEN age   Time %     Name %
Kyle M 16 17 22 0.767 Cathy-1 lap  
Nathan M 15 17 27 0.773 Beth 0.809
Dave Frilund M 55 17 42 0.855 Chris  
Chris T M 44 17 52 0.777 Anthony  
Cathy-1 lap F 18 2 #N/A Dave Frilund 0.855
Beth F 42 18 59 0.809 Kathryn 0.794
Mike M 30 19 31 0.665 Saira 0.782
Saira F 12 20 3 0.782 Chris T 0.777
Devon M 14 20 16 0.676 Nathan 0.773
Simrin F 15 20 35 0.721 Kyle 0.767
Anna F 28 21 25 0.672 Simrin 0.721
Joey M 19 21 27 0.605 John T. 0.694
Chris M 21 29 #N/A Heather 0.702
Kathryn F 54 21 34 0.794 Devon 0.676
Anthony M 22 38 #N/A Peggy 0.676
Peggy F 46 23 31 0.676 John W. 0.674
Ariana F 17 24 22 0.597 Anna 0.672
Jessica F 17 24 28 0.594 Mike 0.665
Claire F 17 24 54 0.584 Vic 0.662
John T. M 71 25 42 0.694 Joey 0.605
John W. M 67 25 16 0.674 Ariana 0.597
Vic M 71 26 56 0.662 Jessica 0.594
Larry M 44 26 56 0.515 Claire 0.584
Dave Reis M 56 27 37 0.553 Mary 0.570
Heather F 66 27 53 0.702 Dave Reis 0.553
Mary F 49 28 40 0.570 Larry 0.515
Jamie M 15 28 48 0.468 Katie 0.500
Katie F 17 29 4 0.500 Jamie 0.468

The winners in the finish time prediction contest were:

Women: Beth (predicted 19:00, actual 18:59).

Men: Dave F. (predicted 17:45, actual 17:42). Dave also led the age-graded scores with his 85.5 percent! A trophy-worthy performance, I would say.


Gunnar Shaw 5K/10K Cross Country Race

Saturday, December 3, Jericho Beach Park

John Taylor's version


The Gunner Shaw serves great pizza. When I was young and fast, I got the choice of six different varieties of pizza and it made the 10k struggle through sand, mud and huge puddles well worthwhile. But last year when I became old and slow, I needed help. Joey volunteered to run beside me and supply me with much-appreciated encouragement like “Hurry up, John, there’s an old woman right behind you.” Knowing that Joey doesn’t lie, and being too tired to look back, I picked it up into my “near death” zone. I briefly thanked Joey at the finish line, ran into the shower, got dressed and entered the reception room. No pizza left. 

This state of affairs made me vow that next year I would run the 5k which I did on December 3rd. Conditions were “PB” good and when I finished, I smiled at those who were continuing on for a second loop and showered all alone with lots of hot water. Then it was in to the reception room to choose from six different types of pizza. Lo and behold, there was no pizza and it did not arrive until the last 10k runner finished. What to do next year? Forget the pizza and enter for the pure joy of dancing through the sand, mud and huge puddles and perhaps even continuing on for a third loop, if it’s ok with you, Joey.

                    PHOENIX RESULTS 2011 GUNNER SHAW by age categories

5k        Kyle Smith                  18:31        2nd       M16-17
5k        Joey Gargaro              23:37        3rd        M18-19
5k        John Taylor                 27:52        1st        M 70+
10k      Matt Sessions              41:18        4th        M45-49
10k      Richard Armstrong    47:09        6th        M50-54
10K     Carrie Graham             78:47        8th        F45-49

Phoenix had a smaller group at the Gunner Shaw races this year than usual, but congratulations to our six participants! Kyle Smith grabbed a bronze medal finish (18:31) in the 5K in a close race in which former Phoenix runner Alex Gibson placed second. Joey Gargaro (23:37) and John Taylor (27:52) also ran the 5K; view complete results here.

In the 10K, Matt Sessions was the first Phoenix finisher in a time of 41:18, with Richard Armstrong (47:09) and Carrie Graham (78:47) also competing. See 10K results here.

I'm sure you will all enjoy watching Keith Dunn's excellent video coverage of the race (Part 1 here and Part 2 here). Part 1 includes beach shots (good view of John T.) and the famous puddle area. Lots of views of Matt S. and a little bit of Richard A., Joey G., Kyle S., Carrie and Sharon. Part 2 shows finishers coming in after 45 minutes.

Also, have a look at Hans Fenz's photo gallery of the event here.

Thanks Hans!

Hans Fenz

MattStartGunnarShaw CarrieSharonStartGS

Matt at the start of the Gunnar Shaw*******Carrie and Sharon

Canadian Cross Country Championships

Saturday, November 26, Jericho Beach Park

leaders in 2011 XC

Bomba, Boyd (hidden) and Odermatt lead masters 8K

Saturday’s races at Jericho Beach were cross country at its elemental best. The rain, combined with a cruel breeze coming off the ocean, ensured that competitors would suffer as the course turned into a muddy mess. But the runners rose to the challenge, and spectators were treated to countless gutsy and inspiring performances.

Doug Alward, Warren McCulloch, George Gluppe and I arrived in time to watch the masters 8K race. This event featured Mark Bomba and Craig Odermatt running much of the race together, as they had at the B.C. championships, with Bomba again pulling away from Odermatt to win in a time of . Depth was excellent in both the men’s and women’s divisions, with many top Ontario athletes making the trip to Vancouver. VFAC runner Catherine Watkins, 40, was ecstatic about her first-place finish in the women’s race. The masters results show the top age-graded performances, with Ontario runners Steve Boyd and Jerry Kooymans and B.C.’s Maureen de St. Croix leading the way. These results also make clear the high quality of the field; in spite of the extremely difficult conditions, the majority of the runners achieved an age-graded performance above 70%.

maureen de st. croix running

Maureen de St. Croix placed 3rd in age-graded results

The Junior Women’s 5K race was won in a time of 18:34. Ex-Phoenixer Simrin Purhar, who had only found out she would be competing days before, found it a very tough race as she finished 107th in a time of 22:18.

The Junior Men’s race was the most exciting race of the day, in my opinion. Most of the runners stayed close to the leaders for the entire 8K distance. There was a dramatic 3-man sprint for the finish, with a small gap before the remainder of the field came pouring in, most with stupendous sprints of their own.
View complete results here.

Remembrance Day Masters and Open 8K, Stanley Park

Enjoy a spirited and heartfelt account of the 2011 edition of this traditional race from veteran runner John Woodcock.

The Hershey Harriers annual Masters (and now Open) Remembrance Day Run took place in Stanley Park this year in near perfect running conditions. The heavy early morning rain stopped shortly before the race start at 11:01 hr., and the strong winds that brought down trees and cancelled ferry sailings later in the day were only faint whisperings in the Stanley Park treetops. In the warm-up, many old friends were seen and greeted. Hans Fenz was there, dressed in “civvies” without his usual camera, offering words of support and encouragement to the younger Masters.

Close to 130 runners, an increase in numbers from a few years ago, toed the start line as Jerry Tighe welcomed all competitors. Jerry reminded the runners of the debt we all owe to Canada’s veterans, and then waxed eloquent at the delights of slogging through the muddy sections on the course and how this may give some insight into the horrors of trench warfare.  He concluded with a few words in memory of Steve Odwin, Hershey Harrier and many-time participant in the run, who passed away in July 2011. Bugler Brian Parkinson was not able to play the Last Post this year, and the 21-gun salute had to suffice during the minute of silence. Hope to see you back next year, Brian.

The start and finish of the course were different from previous years, with added loops on the squelchy grass around the cricket fields to compensate for the shorter distance on the firm going around Beaver Lake. For those competitors who ran the Canadian XC Champs in 1995/96 in Stanley Park, those squelchy grass loops brought back bittersweet memories; “Oh to be young and a fast runner again...”

Aside from the squelchy grass sections, the course was in great shape.  With the firm footing on the trails, running in good company and companionable conversation, in no time at all we were plodding up Hanson Hill. Then the reality of the event returned as the front runners, including former Phoenix runner John Atkinson, were seen descending North Creek trail at break-neck speed, having already climbed the dreaded Adrian’s Hill. Soon the “young runners” who started 10 minutes after the Masters, with no apparent effort were passing us old lags on Adrian’s Hill.  And so it continued down North Creek, around Beaver Lake, across the slough of despond at Lumberman’s Arch and back to the fields of Brockton. The last few hundred metres approaching the finish line seemed to last an eternity...

After a much welcomed warming shower in the Cricket Pavilion, the pizza and coffee at the reception upstairs tasted delicious. The good company of fellow competitors gave opportunity to exchange news with old friends. Joey Gargaro, accompanied by his family, was most enthusiastic about his first Remembrance Day Run experience. Ruby Ferguson says,”Hi” to all Phoenix runners. She still wants three runners to complete the Hawaii relay team in January 2012; the subject of a recent email from Nancy Tinari.

Another great, well organized event hosted by the Hershey Harriers. Many thanks to all, especially those who set the course in the pouring rain...

Let’s have a Phoenix team next year!

Whistler Relay and 50-Miler

And now for a brand-new event. Thanks to Richard Armstrong for his thumbs-up report on this relay. He was part of a Canada Post "Relentless" team. Let's get a Phoenix team together for next year!

*warning--this report is uncensored and contains references to recreational drinking.

The first Whistler 50 Relay and Ultra took place under ideal conditions November 5, 2011.
The course is composed of a 20K loop that starts and ends on the edge of Whistler Village.
The loop is divided into a 12K section, then an exchange point and then an 8K section takes you back to the starting point where another exchange takes place.
A team of 8 runs four loops to complete the 50-mile race or you could be like Matt Sessions and run the whole thing by yourself.

I drove up Friday afternoon with 3 other Canada Post team mates and met up with the other foursome at the Delta Hotel where we had a good rate on a two bedroom suite.
We commenced drinking right away and having lots of fun which lasted quite a while.

At 8 am Saturday morning I led off the team with the first 12K segment.
It was a cold but crystal clear day. The top third of the mountains were covered with fresh snowfall and only a few clouds dotted the blue sky.
I had my usual slow start but passed lots of people until I fell in with two men running at my pace and after a couple kms of off and on surges I passed them at the 6K mark only to be faced with a big hill that I was not expecting. So I huffed and puffed and actually walked 100 meters before reaching the top only to be confronted with another hill, which I managed to jog up.
One of the men I had passed caught up to me and passed me beginning a contest that lasted until the finish line.
At this point we were in the foothill forest and the path was covered in snow and ice but it was absolutely beautiful and I felt good and lucky for me it was mostly downhill from this point.
So the two of us ran close until he passed me near the end and I finished in 57:31 and a 41/158 place.
Considering that this was the sixth time that I have run since June I was very pleased with my time.

The rest of the day, until 3:49 p.m., was spent walking back and forth between the exchange points which were about 1.5K apart.
We cheered each other on, had a couple quick rests in the hotel but mostly kept on the move to get each runner ready and transport gear.

Our team, Relentless, finished in a time of 7:49:30 and placed overall 124th out of 158 teams. In our Open/Mixed category we placed 37/44.
Obviously, not a very fast team but we knew that going in and overall we had a LOT of fun.

Half of our team knew Matt and we cheered him on during the race.
He actually beat our team by 56 seconds and came in 12th overall in the Ultra.
Matt came over to our suite after the race and we started to drink before going to the dance at the Whistler Convention Centre.
There were probably around 700-800 people at the dance.
So we all drank and danced and so on and had more fun until bedtime.

In summary, some races are not about setting PR's or racing at top speed.
They are about having fun and supporting other runners and trying your best, whatever that may be at that time.
It was an excellent experience, lots of fun and I recommend it for next year.


BC High School Cross Country

I'm a little behind with the cross country results. A few young Phoenix members were very active in cross country this fall. You can look at some results from the B.C. High School Championships, the Fraser Valley Championships, and the Coquitlam mini-meets below.

Congratulations to current and former Phoenix members who made it all the way to the provincial meet in Kelowna, B.C.! They ran on Saturday, November 5.

In very large fields (boys 286, girls 280), Kyle Smith placed 74th in a time of 26:39 and Nathan Ferguson placed 81st in a time of 26:51. The winning time in their race was 23:36. View complete results of the boys' race here. Simrin Purhar was 80th in a time of 18:59 and Picabo Reeves placed 177th in a time of 20:29. The winning time in the girls' race was 16:40. View complete results of the girls' race here.

The Fraser Valley meet also had large fields, and several Phoenix and ex-Phoenix members placed well in this meet (see table below). All results from the Fraser Valley meet as well as from the four Coquitlam mini-meets can be accessed here.

Fraser Valley cross country meet--Phoenix results

Name Place Time
Simrin Purhar
Picabo Reeves
Clare Chiu
Jessica Jazdarehee
Katie Fajber
Kyle Smith
Nathan Ferguson
Rowdy Reeves

*Note: boys ran a longer distance than girls.

Coquitlam mini-meet #4

You can view all mini-meet results using the link above, but the results of meet #4 are posted in the table below to give you an idea of how Phoenix members fared locally.

Name Race Place Time
Simrin Purhar Grade 10 Girls 4.7K
Nathan Ferguon Grade 10 Boys 5.9K
Kyle Smith Grade 11 Boys 5.9K
Clare Chiu Grade 12 Girls 4.7K
Jessica Jazdarehee Grade 12 Girls 4.7K
Katie Fajber Grade 12 Girls 4.7K

Pinetree Results and Photo Gallery here

BC Cross-Country Championships complete results here

New! James Cunningham Seawall Race 9.5K

Stanley Park, October 30, 2011

Thanks to Joey Gargaro for his personal story of this race!

Hello everyone this is Joey Gargaro here again to tell you my story on this race.

Early this morning there was rain and lots of it but the race went on. It was a dangerous and scary battle but I conquered it and pushed till I couldn’t push any more and all off a sudden I was flying down the 6k portion of the race and I couldn’t stop myself till the very end of the race which was a total of 9.5 km. I was happy with my finish because I improved my time from last year by 1 minute so I gave myself a pat on the back and said to myself, “Very good job this time.” Now I am ready to practice, improve and get ready for the next race.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next race competition - Happy Halloween!

Thanks Joey


Name Time Place in Age Group
Joey Gargaro 43:31 5
Ruby Ferguson 50:32 4

Frank Reynolds Memorial Cross-Country Meet

October 15, 2011, Cates Park, North Vancouver

Another contribution from competitor Joey Gargaro!

Hello again Joey here.  Now let’s get down to business. First off before we even set foot on the trail for the race I challenged my mom to run this race. She wasn’t really keen on running it at first; then I convinced her to run and have a good time, so she gave in and tried it!
The race went on, I did my best and my mom actually did a good job throughout the event—this was her longest race yet—6.3 km and she didn’t stop once. The race was over, the results came out that I came in 4th in my age group but I didn’t feel like it was my race it was more my mom’s race today. She did a good job running it—I was proud of her. We won’t tell you her placing but she did finish the race.

I dedicated this race to my dad because he had to sit and watch as well as my sister who is away at university so there we have it. Lastly the results should be online sorry for the wait on this report there will be many stories to come.

Thanks for reading,

BC Cross-Country Championships

Aldergrove, BC, October 29, 2011

Phoenix and ex-Phoenix runners participating included Rowdy and Picabo Reeves, Mikhail Titov, Warren McCulloch, Alex Gibson and Lawence Viola. See their results below.

View complete meet results here.

It turned out to be a lovely day for cross-country running. George and NancyT drove to Aldergrove to watch the masters 8K. The 2K loop course was perfect for spectators. It was very open and much of the course could be seen from the start/finish area. For the athletes, it was a tough course, with two steep hills on every loop and some rough terrain where the grass was bumpy and thick like hay.

The masters men and women ran together; all competitors completed four loops to run 8K. It was an exciting race with Mark Bomba and Craig Odermatt battling most of the way; Bomba edged ahead in the final loop.

Unfortunately Warren had to drop out almost immediately after the start with a pulled calf muscle. However, ex-Phoenix member Mikhail Titov ran well to place 10th, beating some good runners. Mikhail reports that he is now training with a club in New West. Their training schedule and location are convenient for him, and he likes his Bulgarian coach.

George and I didn't stay for the remaining races but Phoenix results are summarized below:

Name Race Place Time
Mikhail Titov Masters 8K
Picabo Reeves Youth Women 4K
Lawrence Viola Junior Men 7K
Rowdy Reeves Junior Men 7K
Alex Gibson Senior Men 10K


Ironman Triathlon—Kona, Hawaii. October 8, 2011

Our humble Phoenix Running Club had an awesome competitor in this world-famous event—Chris Tomkinson! In spite of the infamous heat ("the lava fields here radiate the heat like a sauna") Chris completed the Ironman course in a total time of 10:23.01. That included a 2.5-mile swim split of 1:12.08, a bike split of 5:25.25 and a 3:36.44 marathon! Chris placed 667th overall and 134th in the M40-44 category. In his own words (lifted shamelessly from his Facebook Wall):

"What an amazing race that was, the scenery was unbelievable. And there was huge schools of dolphins swimming under us checking us out. After 2 goggle malfunctions I ended up at the back of the pack... crazy, crazy swim, punched, kicked and clawed over the whole way. Saw all the pros coming in on the run as I was going out on the 2nd out and back. What a day, I loved every minute of it!!"

Those of you who remember Ann Barnes, a former Phoenix club member, might like to know she also finished this Ironman, placing 2nd in the F55-59 category with a time of 11:16.12.

Goodlife Victoria Race Weekend—October 9, 2011

Woz8K racestart

The start of the 8K in Victoria

The Phoenix contingent in Victoria was small but our athletes produced some outstanding results!

Dave Frilund won his age division in the marathon with a stellar 2:53.34, placing 30th overall. It's amazing how fast Dave can run when renovating houses isn't a daily part of his training schedule.

Maureen Curtin, running in the half-marathon, placed 4th in her age division and 33rd lady overall with a solid 1:31.19. Maureen's better half Larry Lorette ran a respectable 1:22.51 in spite of a chronic nagging injury.

And Warren McCulloch boosted his international credentials by beating former Canadian team member Paul McCloy in the 45-49 division of the 8K! Warren's time was 27:26, a good eleven seconds faster than McCloy's. This was Warren's first sally into road-racing this year. His performance shows what can be achieved through lots of speedwork on the track, supplemented by some high-quality hilly intervals in Mundy Park.


New! Pinetree Classic 2011 Photo Gallery here: (Many thanks to Hans Fenz)

Pinetree Classic 2011 Click on the link below to see the desired results.

2.5k Race, Order of Finish

2.5k Race, Separated into Age Categories

3.5k Race, Order of Finish

3.5k Race, Separated into Age Categories

Women's 5k Race, Order of Finish

Women's 5k Race, Age Graded Results

Women's 5k Race, Separated into categories

Men's 8k Race, Order of Finish

Men's Race, age graded results

Men divided into categories

2.5k Race Results with Teams

Bib #FIRSTNAMELASTNAMEAgeCategoryGenderClub/SchoolBib# FinishMinutesSecondsPlace
1973ThomasNobbs12M1999MVan Olympic Club19738561
182DawsonRibeiro12M1999M 1828582
1572HughGraham10M2000M 15728593
185DanielleSteer12F1999F 185904
164ThomasKirkwood10M2001M 1649265
169MichaelMitchell11M2000M 1699327
1538RajeevParmar11M2000M 15389369
180HaleyRibeiro10F2000F 18093710
1478MarynBudiman12F1999F 147894511
1578EmilyChilton11F1999F 157894612
187HannahMilic10F2001F 18794713
1575LaurenVanee12F1999F 157595315
1962Anna Goodwin12F1999FNorwesters196295516
1525Leiah Kirsh12F1999F 152595717
1958NinaWatson10F2001FVan Olympic Club195895818
194CarlyGood12F1999F 19495919
1956JamieHennessy11F1999F 195610120
1560BrentMorrison12M1999M 156010321
1477BrookeTrainor12F1999F 147710423
1489JJPerovich10M2001M 148910624
174YoshiMatsubara11M2000M 17410825
1505Luca Comparelli9M2002M 1505101426
1584IanHunter11M2000M 1584101627
1582RyanJensen10M2001M 1582101728
1583JeremyBelcher9M2001M 1583101829
1512Kiaan Bondy102001M 1512102130
1494EmilyD'Entremont11F1999F 1494102531
1981Taylor Williams10F2001FWPGA1981102932
1521Jonathan Gilberg11M2000M 1521102933
1486CalebKastelein10M2001M 1486103034
179MarquesisHaintz9F2002F 179103035
1526Hannah Dodd12F1999F 1526103136
1524Madeleine Pringle12F1999F 1524103937
195MayaKobylanski9F2002F 195104438
1576Katie Bos10F2000F 1576105039
1473BenBona11M2000M 1473105540
193RoriDenness10F2001F 193105741
1969SamWooder9M2002MSt. George's196911342
1957StellaRockel9F2001FVan Olympic Club195711443
1965FinnAnderson9M2002MSt. George's196511644
1574TheoBentley8M2002M 157411845
1523Stephanie Stressing12F1999F 1523111046
1517Lauren Quan11F2000F 1517111347
1527Zach Vavasour12M1999M 1527111448
1577Olivia Van Noort12F1999F 1577111649
165ShaunikaSuriya9F2002F 165111650
1491FelixAllen9M2002M 1491111751
1553MeaghanMacKenzie12F1999F 1553111752
1484CedricNg10M2001M 1484111853
1546Katie DesLauriers9F2002F 1546112454
1979ChaseWilliams8M2002M 1979112455
1476DanikaUnger11F2000F 1476112756
188LaurenGee11F1999F 188112757
1515Kennedy Randall11F2000F 1515112858
1514Matthew Cheng102001M 1514113059
1511Enzo Cuglietta102001M 1511113360
1950ChristopherKing10M2001MSt. George's1950113761
1528Jack Berenzy12M1999M 1528113862
1502Jordan Pallai9F2002F 1502113963
1534DylanKlimos10M2000M 1534113964
1498Olivia Neil9F2002F 1498114065
1533JarrettChong10M2001M 1533114166
1488MeghanDaniell10F2001F 1488114367
1507Anna Cumming102001F 1507115068
196CarsonOstrinski11M2000M 196115269
1508Charlotte Kalla102001F 1508115771
1545ColeYarmoshuk9M2002M 154512072
1513Gavin Pringle102001M 151312273
1542SimonBlizzard9M2002M 154212375
1970LukeParolin9M2002MSt. George's1970121276
1529Ethan Ho12M1999M 1529121578
1519Yunhyuk Kang11M2000M 1519121979
1471MyaBekar11F2000F 1471122080
1506Aneesh Vasrhney9M2002M 1506122481
1581AnaiyahBernier9F2002F 1581123083
198DaniellaZinetti10F2001F 198123184
1535NicolasKlimos9M2002M 1535123285
1497TessBlake9F2002F 1497123986
1504Damon Huttunen9M2002M 1504124287
1552AdeliaBailey10F2001F 1552124388
1579BrianneLowka12F1999F 1579124489
197NicolettDuchesne9F2002F 197124590
1536TylerKlimos9M2002M 1536124791
1554LukasZhanel9M2001M 1554124792
1559AliJafri9M2002M 1559124993
1475AlannaCunha9F2002F 1475125794
1474NoahClendenin9M2002M 1474125895
1944EricMa9M2002MSt. George's1944125996
1951AlexanderShojania9M2002MSt. George's1951125997
1955SamieDattani9M2002MSt. George's195513698
1503Charlie Anthony9M2002M 150313799
1518Justin Faraday11M2000M 15181314100
1522Matthew Campbell11M2000M 15221324101
1555Chloe Cuthbert11F2000F 15551335102
1952ArthurSpeirs9M2002MSt. George's19521347103
1947KarimQaaifm11M2000MSt. George's19471433104
1580ShianneLowka10F2001F 15801441105
1509Varun Patel102001M 15091449106
1510Kevin Faraday102001M 15101455107
1499Maia Jefferson9F2002F 14991515108
1959AaronHanford8M2003MBrockton Prep School19591518109
1556CalvinSlinn8M2003M 15561742110
1565Joshua Handford9M2002M 1565197111

3.5k Race Results with Teams

3.5k Results in Finish Order with Teams        
Bib #FIRSTNAMELASTNAMEAgeCategoryGenderClub/SchoolMinutesSecondsOrder
186MichaelMilic13M1998MOcean Athletics1111
1972IsaacWadhwani13M1997MGolden Ears Ath.1162
1945LiamMcKay15M1996MOcean Athletics1234
1490JudeKlassen14M1997MLangley Mustangs1255
158RachelJones14F1997F 1256
1543AddyTownsend13F1997FCoquitlam Cheetahs1297
1472JuliaGreer12F1998FOcean Athletics12128
1550GeorgeBrownrigg14M1997MOcean Athletics13910
189JordanGee14M1997MOcean Athletics131611
1585AimeeShannon13F1998FRC Track Club134512
1470KianaBekar12F1998FOcean Athletics14813
1954MikaykTinkham12F1998FGolden Ears Ath.141415
1948StephanieCho14F1997FVan Olympic Club142116
1946SamanthaCho 12F1998FVan Olympic Club143617
190SammiKlymchuk13F1998FOcean Athletics151518

Thanks to all the runners for coming to the Pinetree Classic, and thanks to all Phoenix members and friends for your help in putting on the race. Hope you all felt good about the race. Good job everyone!

2011 Penticton Ironman Results for Chris Tomkinson

Swim: 1:01:21

Bike: 5:14:17

Run: 3:35:20 Overall Time: 9:57:38 (Qualified for the World's in Kona) Great job Chris!

Richmond Oval 10K Race August 14

Runner Position Time
Peggy B 51:19
Joey G first 46:49
Maureen C second 42:27
Dave F first 38:37
Larry L third 37:51
Squamish Days 10K
Runner Age/Gender Standing Time
Larry L 4/17 38:00
Dave F 1/10 38:29
Maureen C 2/13 41:58
Joey G
Peggy B
Cindy F
Squamish 10K, July 31, 2011
Larry 38.00 4/16 (40-44)
Dave F. 38.29 1/10 (55-59)
Maureen 41.58 2/13 (45-49)
Joey 47.55 7/11 up to 19
Peggy 51.37 8/13 (45-49)
Cindy 57.08 6/8 (50-54)

McCulloch 5th in the World
Our "Wozzer" peaks perfectly for World Masters Athletics Championships 800m Final
Warren McCulloch was the sole Phoenix representative at the World Masters Athletics Championships held in Sacramento, California from July 6 to July 17. Warren’s fans back home were treated to five days of suspense and fantastic results as Warren progressed from the heats on July 7 (fastest qualifier in 2:06.13), to the semis on July 9, to the  competitive and exciting final on July 11. Warren looked very smooth running 2:03.47 in his semi-final, as he broke Barry Adams’s 24-year-old BC Masters 45–49 record!

In the final he was joined by fellow Canadians Mike Sherar and Paul Osland, both international-level 800m competitors in their youth and outstanding masters athletes. Warren ran a good tactical race, a tricky proposition in a close race with 11 other competitors. He went through the first 400m in 58 seconds. He closed as hard as he could, but his superb time of 2:00.66 brought him home in 5th place, out of the bronze medal spot by just over half a second! You can watch the video of the race here. Sherar was the winner in a solid 1:58.11, while Osland, coming off an injury, finished 11th in 2:05.07.

Warren returned home to the warm welcome of his family, who decorated their house with "congratulations" banners. He didn't come home to rest, though. On July 16 and 17 he made his hometown appearance at the Coquitlam Town Centre track where training buddy Hoow, coach George and other fans watched him compete in the BC Track & Field Championships. On Saturday Woz tackled the Senior Men's 400m race, running in the rain with only three other competitors. Lacking pure speed, he ran 55.15. The following day he was back on the track in perfect conditions, this time part of a huge field of excellent young 800m runners. Warren was pulled through the 400m nicely in about 58 seconds. He had that sub-2:00 time firmly in his mind's eye, but it was not quite to be. His official time was 2:00.24.

Warren lowered the BC Masters 45-49 800m record three times within an 8-day span. His latest time is worth 92.6% age-graded, equivalent to a 1:49.19 open 800m!

Warren came home with nothing but praise for both the organization of the meet as well as its social aspects. He said he felt like he was at the Olympics, especially when the athletes were paraded in front of the spectators before their races.

I asked Warren a couple of questions about his Sacramento experiences so that all of us in Phoenix can learn a little about competing at this level.

What did you most enjoy/value about going to the Masters World Championships in Sacramento?

Being able to run amongst my peers was what I enjoyed the most. It's a real test of one's ability matched up against the best in the world. There aren't that many Masters track meets so this is a great opportunity to get involved in a race that really matters. Most of my track races end up being all-out time trials with little or no tactics involved except running as fast as I can!

Do you have any secrets to share about how you're able to run so fast at age 45--only four seconds off your all-time PB? Training advice? Mental preparation?

I think my secret is that I have been a very low mileage runner. The most I ever ran in a week (even doing twice a day at Uni) is about 50 miles. As a Masters runner I doubt I ever go over 20 MPW. However, the miles I do run are all good quality whether on the track (fast) or in Mundy Park (hills) no junk miles or recovery runs (how can your legs recover if you are running on them?)

I have learned to take lots of rest days and to not worry about taking a day off if I feel tired. The main obstacle Masters athletes face is avoiding injury since they tend to take longer to heal as they get older. I have learned to stop running as soon I feel something isn't right; I'd rather not complete a session (and avoid injury) instead of being off running for several weeks.

NOTE: Warren will attempt to break the 2:00 barrier again at the Ocean Athletics Twilight Meet #2, to be held in White Rock on Tuesday, July 26 at 7 p.m.

Knee Knacker 2011

Great result for Kathryn at Knee Knacker.

This dreaded 30 mile cross country run starts at Horseshoe Bay and winds its way around the North Shore over some treacherous terrain - including deep snow - to end up at Deep Cove.

Kathryn -in her age group - (50 - 59) finished first out of thirteen in a time of 7 hrs. 49 mins.

Way to go Kathryn

Results; from Longest Day:

Dave  F.       18.57     (15/76)
Anna  K.        20.47    (23/153)
Maureen       21.07     (7/135)
Peggy           25.19     (28/135)
Cindy            26.37     (34/135)
Joey              47.19     (33/10

Sandcastle 8k June 12

Dave  Frilund  -  38.23    1/17
Gunther  B       -  45.35     2/7

Shaughnessy 8K 2011

Phoenix runners:

Dave Frilund    - 30:54  2/20 in age group

Joey Gargaro  - 36:00  4/14

Gunther Bauer - 36:56  2/5

Cindy Frilund   - 44:53  11/18 

Mothers' Day 5K 2011  Race Results

To see videos of the race click on these links: Part 1,  Part 2

For age-graded results click here 

Place Bib # Time First Name Last Name City Age Position in age group Club
1 323 15;59 Matt Sharpe Victoria 19 1/3 in M17/19 Running Room Athletics
2 324 16;30 Tom Michie Kelowna 25 1/9 in M20/29 Running Room Athletics
3 390 17;06 Natasha Wodak Port Moody 29 1/22 in F20/29 PIH
4 331 17;09 Donovan Watts Vancouver 34 1/10 in M30/34
5 361 17;12 Ross Greenwood North Vancouver 31 2/10 in M30/34
6 880 17;19 Andrew Tuovinen Vancouver 48 1/6 in M45/49 Leading Edge
7 916 17;32 Brandon Jones Richmond 21 2/9 in M20/29
8 289 18;00 Mikhail Titov Burnaby 43 1/8 in M40/44 PAA
9 362 18;07 Mark Pinckard Delta 51 1/7 in M50/54 Kajaks
10 859 18;14 Yannick Le Carre Vancouver 36 1/5 in M35/39
11 883 18;18 Marten Sims Vancouver 30 3/10 in M30/34
12 251 18;20; Ted Carr Coquitlam 20 3/9 in M20/29
13 285 18;20 Amiel Logan Pitt Meadows 34 4/10 in M30/34 VFAC
14 911 18;25 Davey Gin Surrey 49 2/6 in M45/49
15 276 18;40 Stefan Forrestal Vancouver 42 2/8 in M40/44
16 295 18;41 Nathan Ferguson Coquitlam 15 1/10 in M0/16 Phoenix
17 854 19;00 Teresa Nightingale Halfmoon  Bay 45 1/17 in F45/49 Sunshine Coast Athletics
18 820 19;07 Tim Nixon Vancouver 45 3/6 in M45/49
19 255 19;07 Robert Watt Burnaby 48 4/6 in M45/49
20 857 19;08 Stephanie Murphy Calgary 37 1/26 in F35/39
21 881 19;11 Keryn Mitchell North Vancouver 46 2/17 in F45/49 VFAC
22 288 19;17 Navid Rahemtulla Vancouver 18 2/3 in M17/19
23 243 19;24 Enej Bajgoric Vancouver 26 4/9 in M20/29 VFAC
24 807 19;25 Richele Frank Vancouver 36 2/26 in F35/39 LGRR
25 384 19;30 Herb Phillips Burnaby 70 1/2 in M70/74
26 259 19;38 Scott Stewart Langley 60 1/9 in M60/64
27 918 19;53 Brent Paquette New Westminster 28 5/9 in M20/29
28 332 19;56 Iain Fisher Coquitlam 62 2/9 in M60/64 Hershey Harriers
29 247 20;00 David Taylor Vancouver 57 1/6 in M55/59 LETC
30 336 20;24 Cayman Cook Port coquitlam 51 2/7 in M50/54
31 319 20;27 David Marsh Vancouver 44 3/8 in M40/44
32 347 20;29 Heather Afford North Saanich 25 2/22 in F20/29 Island Road Racers
33 355 20;30 Angela Yap Vancouver 34 1/12 in F30/34 LGRR
34 860 20;32 Maureen Curtin Coquitlam 45 3/17 in F45/49 Phoenix
35 856 20;32 Mirabelle Tinio Vancouver 34 2/12 in F30/34
36 811 20;34 Jennifer Chew Port Moody 17 1/4 in F17/19
37 287 20;37 Dominic Gerelle North Vancouver 56 2/6 in M55/59 Capilano Eagles
38 346 20;43 Leo Lam Vancouver 56 3/6 in M55/59 Lions Gate RR
39 819 20;46 Alicia Woodside Port Moody 22 3/22 in F20/29 VFAC
40 201 20;51 Gordon Flett Vancouver 51 3/7 in M50/54
41 321 21;00 Ciprian Constantinescu Richmond 37 2/5 in M35/39
42 344 21;08 Ryan Kadowaki Vancouver 26 6/9 in M20/29
43 204 21;15 Frank Towler Saanichton 66 1/5 in M65/69
44 904 21;34 Lynda McCue Vancouver 38 3/26 in F35/39
45 314 21;38 Joey Gargaro Port Moody 18 3/3 in M17/19 Phoenix
46 262 21;45 Jared Hulme Vancouver 31 5/10 in M30/34
47 238 21;46 David Beckley North Vancouver 50 4/7 in M50/54
48 364 21;48 Trevor Franklin Maple Ridge 20 7/9 in M20/29
49 228 21;55 Bill Chang Vancouver 51 5/7 in M50/54
50 884 22;01 Erin Toole Richmond 27 4/22 in F20/29
51 359 22;08 Kimberly Taylor Vancouver 25 5/22 in F20/29
52 273 22;14 Michael Foster North Vancouver 65 2/5 in M65/69 Nomads
53 225 22;19 Junko Kosugi Vancouver 41 1/25 in F40/44
54 270 22;24 Rick Horita White Rock 60 3/9 in M60/64
55 345 22;28 Robert Haines Vancouver 60 4/9 in M60/64 Lions Gate LGRR
56 391 22;47 Janice Korbely Coquitlam 37 4/26 in F35/39
57 851 22;52 Tanya Marsh Vancouver 38 5/26 in F35/39
58 326 23;08 Ron Heron Langley 56 4/6 in M55/59
59 912 23;12 Karin Holm Courtney 42 2/25 in F40/44 CVRR
60 210 23;15 Ka yee zoe Kwan Port moody 37 6/26 in F35/39
61 286 23;30 Vaclav Sladek Coquitlam 44 4/8 in M40/44
62 340 23;33 Irene Wingate Vancouver 64 1/10 in F60/64
63 385 23;35 Cameron Slaymaker Coquitlam 8 2/10 in M0/16 Runners' Den
64 398 23;35 Penny Plamondon Coquitlam 43 3/25 in F40/44 Runners' Den
65 252 23;38 Karissa Rennie Port Moody 29 6/22 in F20/29
66 237 23;39 Rachel Beckley North Vancouver 16 1/18 in F0/16
67 353 23;40 Heather Vestergaard Anmore 43 4/25 in F40/44
68 282 23;41 Alimamy Kamara Vancouver 57 5/6 in M55/59
69 808 23;42 Sharon Emslie Vancouver 49 4/17 in F45/49 VFAC
70 236 23;46 Dickson Choy Vancouver 37 3/5 in M35/39
71 231 23;48 Sally Young Coquitlam 28 7/22 in F20/29
72 254 23;54 Arthur Beadle Delta 65 3/5 in M65/69
73 284 23;57 Jane Evans Burnaby 50 1/7 in F50/54
74 882 24;02 Robert Hwang Port Moody 40 5/8 in M40/44
75 203 24;06 Lilian Wong Vancouver 59 1/7 in F55/59
76 327 24;07 Natisha Mathews Surrey 37 7/26 in F35/39 Running room langley
77 281 24;08 Tracey Price Coquitlam 49 5/17 in F45/49
78 805 24;24 Meredith Madderom Burnaby 28 8/22 in F20/29
79 260 24;29 Paul Brar Richmond 31 6/10 in M30/34 Kajaks
80 313 24;36 Orlando Naranjo Port Moody 62 5/9 in M60/64
81 901 24;39 Graham Anderson Burnaby 25 8/9 in M20/29
82 293 24;42 Kate Kift Port Moody 38 8/26 in F35/39
83 257 24;44 Bernie Steininger Vancouver 64 6/9 in M60/64 Lions Gate RR
84 267 24;47 Danielle Choi Coquitlam 19 2/4 in F17/19
85 303 24;55 Chelsea Schmidt North Vancouver 17 3/4 in F17/19
86 917 25;06 Patrick Lau Coquitlam 63 7/9 in M60/64
87 205 25;14 Cathy Morton Burnaby 52 2/7 in F50/54
88 229 25;21 Jeanette Rainbow Vancouver 43 5/25 in F40/44
89 387 25;26 Peter Madderom Burnaby 67 4/5 in M65/69
90 222 25;26 Pat Cheung Vancouver 60 8/9 in M60/64
91 230 25;29 Kelly Cioffi Langley 25 9/22 in F20/29
92 379 25;30 Steven Dragicevic Port Moody 37 4/5 in M35/39
93 283 25;32 Frank Kurucz West Vancouver 81 1/1 in M75+
94 211 25;36 Rick Horne Vancouver 61 9/9 in M60/64 VFAC
95 315 25;37 Dorit Shackleton Port Moody 40 6/25 in F40/44
96 305 25;43 Madeline Low Port Moody 11 2/18 in F0/16
97 397 25;44 Madeline Moore Port Moody 10 3/18 in F0/16
98 224 25;50 Nigel Barrett Surrey 54 6/7 in M50/54 semiahmoo sunrunners
99 329 25;56 Darren Warren Surrey 35 5/5 in M35/39
100 301 26;00 Isla Gole Port Moody 10 4/18 in F0/16
101 277 26;01 Rene Boddeveld Surrey 43 6/8 in M40/44
102 290 26;05 Bob Brough North Vancouver 65 5/5 in M65/69 Nomads
103 855 26;16 Alex Nightingale Halfmoon  Bay 14 3/10 in M0/16
104 348 26;23 Librem Grant Mission 33 7/10 in M30/34
105 248 26;27 Natsuko Kamikawara Richmond 40 7/25 in F40/44
106 906 26;35 Valerie Jenkinson Vancouver 60 2/10 in F60/64
107 377 26;40 Addyson Denton Port moody 10 5/18 in F0/16
108 378 26;42 Gail Denton Port moody 42 8/25 in F40/44
109 307 26;45 Melanie Berezan Surrey 39 9/26 in F35/39
110 207 26;47 Lynette Baldock Surrey 64 10/10 in F60/64
111 809 26;51 Sharon Yong Coquitlam 45 6/17 in F45/49
112 372 27;08 Claire Wheeler Coquitlam 36 10/26 in F35/39
113 363 27;12 Barbara Hubbs Port Moody 38 11/26 in F35/39
114 813 27;19 Rachel Chew Port Moody 15 6/18 in F0/16
115 358 27;20 Irene Loh Vancouver 58 2/7 in F55/59
116 812 27;23 May Wong Port Moody 42 9/25 in F40/44
117 356 27;44 Carly De moissac Burnaby 24 10/22 in F20/29
118 268 27;45 Lindsay Kehler Chilliwack 26 11/22 in F20/29
119 271 27;47 Grant Derksen Vancouver 46 5/6 in M45/49
120 317 27;52 Carly Fryer New Westminster 28 12/22 in F20/29
121 249 27;53 Colin Beadle Richmond 34 8/10 in M30/34
122 395 28;04 Emelia Colman-Shepherd Port Moody 23 13/22 in F20/29
123 392 28;15 Stephen Hyndes Port Moody 51 7/7 in M50/54
124 322 28;38 Mitch Williams Port moody 42 7/8 in M40/44
125 354 28;44 Megan Vestergaard Anmore 14 7/18 in F0/16
126 227 28;45 Shaelah Bergen Vancouver 26 14/22 in F20/29
127 253 28;46 Adam Rennie Port Moody 29 9/9 in M20/29
128 258 28;47 Jennifer Derksen Vancouver 37 12/26 in F35/39
129 343 29;00 Siv Buchmuller Vancouver 26 15/22 in F20/29
130 357 29;03 Michelle Doyle Port Moody 35 13/26 in F35/39
131 272 29;04 Norma Bryant Richmond 62 3/10 in F60/64
132 250 29;06 Meghan Carr Coquitlam 24 16/22 in F20/29
133 328 29;08 Edna Mathews Surrey 64 4/10 in F60/64
134 278 29;08 Gerald Joe Vancouver 59 6/6 in M55/59
135 337 29;29 Trish Griffith stewart Langley 49 7/17 in F45/49 ntc vic
136 312 29;35 Andrea Bernal Surrey 16 8/18 in F0/16
137 368 29;37 Victoria Guerrero Burnaby 48 8/17 in F45/49
138 330 29;43 Cara Smith Maple Ridge 64 5/10 in F60/64
139 298 29;47 Lenore Montgomery North Vancouver 80 1/1 in F75+
140 915 29;51 Paula Ledenko Port Moody 30 3/12 in F30/34
141 887 30;15 Mary Gargaro Port Moody 49 9/17 in F45/49 Phoenix
142 297 30;16 Hanna Shorthouse Coquitlam 11 9/18 in F0/16
143 296 30;19 Karen Bagayawa Coquitlam 36 14/26 in F35/39 Running Room Athletics
144 334 30;24 Lilia Castillo Langley 41 10/25 in F40/44
145 399 30;39 Janice Griffiths Port Moody 63 6/10 in F60/64
146 294 30;42 Sue Round Port Moody 52 3/7 in F50/54
147 374 31;13 Meredith Colman Port moody 61 7/10 in F60/64
148 393 31;19 Jake Scholte Port Moody 6 4/10 in M0/16
149 265 31;19 Alex Arvisais Port Coquitlam 6 5/10 in M0/16
150 394 31;20 Paula Vanni Port Moody 40 11/25 in F40/44
151 335 31;21 Lorenz Castillo Langley 9 6/10 in M0/16
152 280 31;24 Roxanne Orr Surrey 29 21/22 in F25/29
153 291 31;42 Rob Daniels Burnaby 71 2/2 in M70/74
154 299 31;56 Stacey Clarke Surrey 33 4/12 in F30/34
155 256 31;58 Joanne Reid Burnaby 43 12/25 in F40/44
156 226 32;05 Nicola Ho Port Moody 39 15/26 in F35/39
157 816 32;06 Damian Matthews Port Moody 14 7/10 in M0/16
158 885 32;23 Janette Day New Westminster 49 10/17 in F45/49
159 886 32;24 Peter Bremner New Westminster 48 6/6 in M45/49
160 367 32;27 Genevieve Sumner Port Moody 35 16/26 in F35/39
161 396 32;29 Shawne Callihoo Port Moody 41 13/25 in F40/44
162 306 32;29 Jordan Low Port Moody 7 10/18 in F0/16
163 221 32;45 Abigail West Port Moody 37 17/26 in F35/39
164 325 32;46 Cindy Mazerolle Port Moody 37 18/26 in F35/39
165 300 32;46 Pamela Gole Port Moody 42 14/25 in F40/44
166 304 32;47 Kristy Low Port Moody 38 19/26 in F35/39
167 275 32;52 Carol Jensson Vancouver 58 3/7 in F55/59
168 919 33;02 Nicole Dennis Coquitlam 37 20/26 in F35/39
169 902 33;04 Jane Clements Langley 51 4/7 in F50/54
170 903 33;04 Jessica Ewen Port Moody 24 17/22 in F20/29
171 311 33;07 Marisela Amyotte Surrey 36 21/26 in F35/39
172 386 33;09 Cori  Hampton Coquitlam 36 22/26 in F35/39
173 388 33;10 Heather Van Hemmen Coquitlam 43 15/25 in F40/44
174 376 33;12 Jillian Denton Port moody 8 11/18 in F0/16
175 375 33;12 Rick Denton Port moody 41 8/8 in M40/44
176 213 33;17 Donna Maud Abbotsford 42 16/25 in F40/44
177 266 33;29 Kate Arvisais Port Coquitlam 37 23/26 in F35/39
178 219 33;30 Elyse Reeh Mission 51 5/7 in F50/54
179 220 33;30 Rio Lapointe Mission 30 5/12 in F30/34
180 215 33;31 Jayden Maud Abbotsford 14 8/10 in M0/16
181 360 33;32 Phyllis D'entremont Vancouver 66 1/3 in F65/69
182 212 33;49 Alanna Van houten Surrey 29 18/22 in F20/29
183 913 33;50 Shannon Canaday Coquitlam 32 6/12 in F30/34
184 232 33;53 Linda McDonald West Vancouver 53 6/7 in F50/54
185 261 34;12 Susan Gerryts West Vancouver 57 4/7 in F55/59
186 302 34;21 Pamela Lloyd Langley 38 24/26 in F35/39 Peninsula Runners
187 373 34;45 Veronica Webster Burnaby 40 17/25 in F40/44
188 263 34;47 Sarah Torontali North Vancouver 42 18/25 in F40/44
189 858 34;51 Molly Lorette Coquitlam 12 12/18 in F0/16
190 309 35;39 Kelly McLellan Port Moody 33 7/12 in F30/34
191 351 35;39 Rebecca Sanajko Burnaby 13 13/18 in F0/16
192 214 35;41 Ayla Maud Abbotsford 17 4/4 in F17/19
193 350 35;44 Mary Ellen Sanajko Burnaby 46 11/17 in F45/49
194 371 36;12 Cheryl Keenan Maple Ridge 49 12/17 in F45/49
195 370 36;13 Carissa Keenan Maple Ridge 25 19/22 in F20/29
196 223 36;38 Jennie Shauer Port Coquitlam 40 19/25 in F40/44
197 905 36;46 Cynthia Farrington Delta 49 13/17 in F45/49
198 208 36;59 Kelly Fenton New Westminster 40 20/25 in F40/44
199 369 37;08 Cloe Rittinger Coquitlam 26 22/22 in F25/29
200 914 38;28 Bev Canaday Langley 53 7/7 in F50/54
201 382 38;28 Lasser Del Pozo Vancouver 28 20/22 in F20/29
202 910 39;16 Amanda Sellers Port Moody 32 8/12 in F30/34
203 909 39;21 Darlene Sellers Saskatoon 56 5/7 in F55/59
204 216 40;08 Laura Breen Port Moody 41 21/25 in F40/44
205 217 40;08 Kaitlin Breen Port Moody 11 14/18 in F0/16
206 853 40;17 Sandi Hildebrant Surrey 64 8/10 in F60/64
207 274 40;27 Bev Lane Vancouver 40 22/25 in F40/44
208 310 42;18 Wynne Romaniuk Port Moody 60 9/10 in F60/64
209 320 42;19 Katie Bruce Coquitlam 31 9/12 in F30/34
210 316 42;19 Mike Romaniuk Port Coquitlam 31 9/10 in M30/34
211 365 42;30 Marilyn Gryseels Mission 57 6/7 in F55/59
212 308 43;50 Tia Berezan Surrey 12 15/18 in F0/16
213 246 43;52 Heidi Watson Delta 45 14/17 in F45/49
214 245 43;53 Leslie Clavey Chico, CA 47 15/17 in F45/49
215 244 43;54 Susan Clavey Vancouver 68 2/3 in F65/69
216 921 44;23 Erica Thomsen Port Moody 14 16/18 in F0/16
217 352 44;24 Marina McDuff Surrey 12 17/18 in F0/16
218 342 44;49 Sydney McDuff Surrey 14 18/18 in F0/16
219 907 46;35 Kim Shelkie Port Moody 40 23/25 in F40/44
220 908 46;36 Evan Shelkie Port Moody 7 9/10 in M0/16
221 279 46;37 Sunny Kovaltsenko Port Coquitlam 39 25/26 in F35/39
222 241 47;20 Jo Anne Seibert Delta 35 26/26 in F35/39
223 239 47;20 Karla Mercaldo Richmond 47 16/17 in F45/49
224 338 49;22 Cindy Dos SAntos Burnaby 41 24/25 in F40/44
225 339 49;22 Maria Carinha Burnaby 68 3/3 in F65/69
226 920 50;10 Deidre Wrightman Port Moody 48 17/17 in F45/49
227 341 50;10 Jennifer McDuff Surrey 42 25/25 in F40/44
228 383 50;30 Irina Rey New Westminster 33 10/12 in F30/34
229 366 54;35 Aly Rajwani Burnaby 6 10/10 in M0/16
230 318 54;39 Azizah Rajwani Burnaby 30 11/12 in F30/34
231 888 54;53 Peter Raptis Coquitlam 32 10/10 in M30/34
232 923 54;54 Francesca Pomeroy Port Moody 57 7/7 in F55/59
233 922 54;55 Jennifer Raptis Coquitlam 31 12/12 in F30/34

For age-graded results click here

Mother/Child Team Top three finisher teams

Order Names
Age times total time
First Teresa Nightingale 45 19;00

Alex Nightingale 14 26;16 45;16

Second Trish Griffith Stewart 49 29;29

Matt Sharpe 19 15:59 45;38

Third Penny Plamondon 43 23:36

Cameron Slaymaker 8 23;35 47;11




Boston Marathon - April 18, 2011

Also of note -  Among all the Boston Masters Teams, Our women finished 16th out of 37 and the men came in 23rd out of 73.  Well done!!

Chris Tomkinson    2:56:04    134/964      M40/44    BQ

Larry Lorette          3:04:06    307/1864    M44/49    BQ

Dave Frilund           3:09:19    27/2857      M55/59    BQ

Maureen Curtis       3:22:46    49/770        F45/49    BQ

Adam Frilund          3:25:57    2895/5467   M0-39

Kathryn O'Grady    3:33:15    32/1787       F50/54    BQ

Peggy Brown         4:19:09    1190/7724    F45/49

Amazing job everyone.  Congratulations.


For archived race results click here.