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Join us on the trail for the Pinetree Classic X-Country Meet on Saturday September 15, 2018.

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Pinetree Classic Race Report

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Race Report by Nancy Tinari

The Lower Mainland X-C Running Series got off to a good start on Saturday, September 21 with the Pinetree Classic meet hosted by the Phoenix Running Club.

Runners, spectators, and volunteers benefited from the perfect temperatures, mixed sun and clouds, and total absence of the rain showers that had been predicted.


Once again the idyllic forest trails of Mundy Park provided a setting for some outstanding performances from athletes both young and old. The course reverted this year to the simple 2K-loop format that was used in the “glory days” of the meet when the university competition provided lots of excitement from elite university and open competitors.


The meet got underway with Race 1, featuring all Junior, Open, and Masters men and women. With the women running three loops and the men four, there was lots of spectator cheering as the runners came up the short steep hill at the end of each loop. Michelle Heneghan was well ahead of the other women and thus was the first to cross the finish line in 22:44. The men’s race was closer, with Tom Michie taking the win in 26:01 followed by Travis Vugteveen in 26:05.


However, the age-graded results make it clear that the most impressive men’s performance was achieved by Jim Swadling, who was the top age-graded competitor out of all the men and women with his 88.4%. Tyler Ginther gets honourable mention for scoring 86.9%. Thelma Wright, one of Canada’s female distance running pioneers (and a former Olympian), led the women’s age-graded results with an 84.7% performance.


Cameron Slaymaker (2003) won Race 2 (2K) in 8:23, with younger runner Carson Lecky (2004) not far behind in 8:43. Charlie Ford (2003) was the first girl to finish that race, recording an excellent time of 8:53.


Race 3 (2K) featured right-to-the-wire sprints from Justin Ralph and Declan Kingston (both 2001) with the former prevailing though both were given times of 7:45. Brandt Muncey-Buckley (2002) wasn’t far behind with a fast time of 7:54. Taylor Williams (2001) led the girls with a fast time of 8:01, while younger runner Kendra Lewis (2002) was close on her heels in 8:07.


Race 4 saw the 1998-2000 girls finish first as they only had to do the 2K course, while the older girls and all of the boys completed the 2-loop 4K course. Excellent times were recorded by Olivia Willett (1999) and Jessica Williams (1999) who finished close together in 7:43 and 7:44 respectively. Brandon Figueroa (1996-97) won the 4K race easily with a speedy time of 13:06.


Thanks to all the runners, volunteers, parents, and other spectators who came out on Saturday! Your

high spirits, fast running, and great sportsmanship turned the meet into a big success.

*Notes on the race distances: All race distances were shorter than originally advertised because it was decided that an extra loop on the playing field would cause too much congestion. Age-graded results were calculated based on 6K and 8K distances, even though the actual distances were probably

closer to 5.7K and 7.6K.

pinetree kids running

Pinetree Classic 2013 Results

Race #1 - Junior, Open, and Masters (Men and Women)

Women’s 6K Order of Finish
Women’s 6K Age Categories
Women’s 6K Age-Graded
Men’s 8K Order of Finish
Men's 8K Age Categories
Men’s 8K Age-Graded

Race #2 - JD 2K (2003/2004)

Girls and Boys 2003-2004 2K by Order of Finish
Girls and Boys 2003-2004 2K by Age Category

Race #3 - JD 2K (2001/2002)

Girls and Boys 2001-2002 2K by Order of Finish
Girls and Boys 2001-2002 2K by Age Category

Race #4 - JD Girls 2K, JD Boys, Juvenile Girls & Boys 4K

JD Girls 2K Order of Finish
JD Girls 2K Age Categories
JD and Juvenile 4K Order of Finish
JD and Juvenile 4K Age Categories

Race Photos:

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