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2013 Race Results

Phoenix Results Round-up October/November 2013

from Nancy Tinari


My apologies for the delay in posting these results. I’ve probably only found a small percentage of all our members’ race results: I encourage you to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (note underscore between names) with your race results so I can add them to this post! Don’t be shy! Include photos if you have any.

October 5, 2013: Crescent Park

Joey Gargaro ran the Crescent Park 8K cross country in a time of 37:34.

October 13, 2013: Goodlife Victoria Marathon, Half-Marathon and 8K

Congratulations to Sharon McNulty, who completed another full marathon in a time of 4:08:42. In addition, the mother of our talented Purhar sisters Simrin and Saira, Neelam Purhar, did an excellent time of 3:44: 23 in her first marathon! That was good enough for an eighth place finish in a very deep age category. Daughter Saira competed in the 8K, finishing seventh in the 13-15 age group in a time of 34:53.

October 13, 2103: Chicago Marathon

Meanwhile, Larry Lorette and Maureen Curtin were having a blast in the Windy City. Both took a break from their tourists’ activities complete the Chicago Marathon. Larry’s time was 2:53:40, placing 17th in his age category. Larry felt he would have run faster had he not been injured in the final weeks preceding the marathon. (He told me he did three-hour workouts on the elliptical trainer to maintain his fitness!) Maureen was almost exactly half an hour behind with a time of 3:23:58, 23rd in her age group.

October 26, 2013: BC Cross Country Championships

Vas Sladek was the only bona fide Phoenix runner I saw in the results but I wanted to mention some excellent performances by former Phoenix runners. Doug Alward, beginning a rare two-week burst of competitive activity, had an excellent run in the masters’ 8K, winning his age group (55-59) and placing 7th overall amongst all the masters. His time was 30:14. Doug beat many outstanding runners; close behind Doug was another (younger) ex-Phoenix runner, Mikhail Titov, finishing in a time of 30:37 for a fourth-place finish in the 45-59 age category. Vas Sladek, also in the 45-49 age category, completed the race in a time of 37:10.

October 27, 2013: The James Cunningham 9.5K Seawall Race

The very day after the BC Cross Country, Doug placed 12th overall in the Seawall Race with a fast time of 34:57. He didn’t get age-graded or age category credit because he didn’t enter his age (silly Doug). He was the fastest runner over 50. Joey Gargaro raced to a third place finish in his age category with a time of 41:59. Former Phoenix member Richard Mosley was the second place finisher overall in a time of 29:21.

November 3, 2013: New York City Marathon

It was a triumphant but chilly day in New York. Kathryn O’Grady had a great race, finishing 22nd in her age category in this huge marathon with a time of 3:43:31. Suzanne Evans, another former Phoenix athlete, continues to break three hours in the marathon at age 41. She ran 2:57:02 to finish fourth in her age category.

November 11, 2013: Remembrance Day 8K Cross Country

Sadly, there were no Phoenix runners in the race this year. However, Doug Alward managed a 31:14 time (which would have placed him 1st in his age group with an excellent age-grading score, if he had put his correct age on the entry form). Doug told me he was tired in this race: Mikhail Titov beat him with a time of 30:54, good enough for a second place finish in his age category.

The 23rd Annual Abbotsford Police Challenge 10K and 5K

8th June 2013:

A report from Tom Brown on his excellent race following a serious knee injury:

Aside from the Ambleside Mile last weekend, this was my first road race in over 20 years - trails ruled - but time now to include some road events.The 5K had approx 300 entrants, the 10K about 150. 

For the first 2km we shared the road - with the 10K group getting a 5 min  head start.
I ran the rolling 5K route which was a good test of my current fitness (and of my knee recovery ). My chip time of 23:34 was good for 15th overall and 1st in the 60-69 age group. For winning the age group I rec'd a $50 gift certificate from ASICS and Peninsula Runners which I'll put towards new road shoes. All finishers rec'd a medallion - presented by a Special Olympics representative.

This is a great event - challenging course, excellent organization, support for the Special Olympics, prizes and finish area goodies. I encourage everyone to test the course next year.


Tom Brown with his medalAbbotsford Police Challenge Medal

5 Peaks trail series race number 2, Alice Lake, Squamish

8th June 2013:

A report from Vas Sladek on his 5 Peaks Race.

2nd/16 in age group; 12/146 overall in sport race, 6.9 km.

Brought my wife and kids and achieved my dream of having my kids see me on the podium!

Good conditions, great singletrack, beat my buddy Gordon Flett by 30 seconds!

Some days work out really well.

Phoenix Running Club at the Ambleside Mile

1st June 2013:

A good time was had by all at the 2013 Ambleside Mile. Phoenix, with 12 club members running, made up more than 10% of the field! Everyone ran faster than their “trial mile” the week before in Mundy Park. Several Phoenix members posted top-three age category finishers, with Nancy Tinari and Heather Taylor winning the 50–59 and 60–69 categories, respectively. Warren McCulloch was the first Phoenix finisher with a time of 5:04. (This is in spite of his training being mostly pool-running at the moment!) Warren had a good battle with former Phoenix member Mikhail Titov.

Phoenix Running Club at the Ambleside Mile

Phoenix Results:

Loading data...
Ambleside 01-06-2013
Name Time (Chip) Age-graded result Place in category (if top 3)
Warren McCulloch 5.04 81.74 2 (8th O/A)
Nancy Tinari 5.58 86.82 1 (2nd female O/A)
Steve Chapman 6.02 69.19
Steve Graham 6.20 61.07
Tom Brown 6.27 74.79
Jim Thomson 6.49 81.39 2
Gunther Bauer 6.56 77.29 3
Salima Shiviji 7.35 58.85
John Taylor 7.36 68.43
Vic Suddaby 8.10 63.68
Heather Taylor 8.24 75.67 1
Kit Slade 8.57 55.43


Please view Keith Dunn’s excellent video coverage from the finish line and the awards ceremony. The video shows all finishers and is just under 10 minutes long. You can see everyone from Phoenix finish by the 4:35 point of the video.

Jackie Chapman’s video highlighting husband Steve passing the 1,200m point is quite funny. She also captures Nancy Tinari, Steve Graham (in a blue shirt), and Tom Brown. You can view Jackie’s video if you are on Facebook, on my page or Steve’s page.

Vancouver Marathon

5th May 2013:

Congratulations to Adam Frilund and Joey Gargaro for completing the full marathon distance on an uncomfortably warm day. Adam set a big PB with his finishing time of 2:52:24, good enough for 30th overall! Adam is on a roll this spring and he's only going to get better.

This was Joey's first marathon, and he was proud to finish (in 4:36) in spite of having to walk a little because of injury problems.

5 Peaks Trail Race Series #1, Golden Ears

11th May 2013:

Vas Sladek was pleased to tell me about another podium finish of his, as he was third male 40–49 in an 8.8K trail race, the first race in the 5 Peaks Trail Series. The photo shows the finish area in Golden Ears park. Vas was an excellent 11th out of 208 finishers overall.


 Pretty Nice Medal, I'd say!


 Vas shakes hands with a fellow trail runner.


Phoenix at the Vancouver Sun Run

21st April 2013:

We Phoenixers can be proud of our small club’s performances at last Sunday’s Vancouver Sun Run. Highlights were Dave Frilund and Gunther Bauer’s fourth place age group finishes. Congratulations also to Adam Frilund and Steve Chapman for their new 10K PBs! Steve’s is especially noteworthy as he took an astonishing eleven minutes off his previous 10K best, even though he started in the “Greens” and had to fight his way through thousands of runners.

 Larry, Dave and Adam in their Boston blue-and-yellow after the finish


Larry Lorette turned in another fine performance with a 35:54, while Chris Tomkinson, running with “dead legs from cycling” still managed a 36:50. Meanwhile, two of the more senior members of our club, John Woodcock and Vic Suddaby, managed to squeak under the one-hour mark, proving the value of a strong competitive spirit!

Doug Alward (longtime former Phoenixer) also ran in the Sun Run, but under an alias for a team who needed a runner at the last minute. Doug told me he was on pace for about a 35:30 at the 8K mark, but for mysterious reasons he chose to jog in slowly after the bridge.

You can watch our Phoenix members in action by following Keith Dunn’s video coverage from the Cambie St. bridge, where he was positioned at about the 9K mark. There are three videos:

1. A  5-minute “Highlights” version of the race showing the top competitors.

2. A 24-minute video showing finishers who completed the 10K in about 50 minutes or less. In this video you can see Adam at about 32:05 on the video’s race-time clock, Doug at 33:00, Larry at 33:30, Dave at 35:26, and Kyle at 36:26. Where is Chris?

3. Another long video showing finishers who completed the 10K in between about 50 minutes and  1hr13 minutes. Steve appears in this video at about 53:36 on the gun-time clock (though he ran much faster by chip time). John W. and Vic should also be in this video.

I've summarized our club's results below. If any other club members competed in the Sun Run, please let me know and send me your results.

Loading data...
Sun Run 21-04-2013
Name Time Place in Category (if top ten)
Adam Frilund 34:27:00
Larry Lorette 35:54:00 6
Chris Tomkinson 36:50:00 8
Dave Frilund 38:13:00 4
Kyle Smith 39:14:00 9
Steve Chapman 45:06:00
Gunther Bauer 49:18:00 4
John Woodcock 59:14:00
Vic Suddaby 59:30:00


MEC 10K #2, North Vancouver

30th March 2013:


Vas Sladek stands proudly with competitor Gordon Flett after winning his age division at MEC's second 5k/10k race weekend. Vas reports that he ran a PB for 10K in this race, going under 45 minutes! The MEC races are fun, simple, and inexpensive, costing only $15.


Vas is definitely spreading the fame of the Phoenix club as he is our most prolific racer by far! Last weekend Vas raced in the String Run-off 8K in Stanley Park, the first 2013 race of the Canada Running Series. He won a third place age division ribbon at this BC Championship event, his first BC Athletics ribbon. Congratulations, Vas!

St. Patrick's Day 5K, Stanley Park

16th March 2013:

This fun race, with over 1,800 finishers and tons of prizes, was attended by avid Phoenix competitors Dave Frilund and Vaclav Slavek. Dave ran a time of 19:02 on this tough course with a big uphill at the end. That was good enough for second place in his age division. Vas raced to a respectable 21:43. View complete results here. Also, be sure to watch Keith's highlights video of the race here.

Link for video:

Link for results:

           Dave Frilund                80% of the runners at the St. Patrick's 5K were in costume! 


Dave Reed Classic 5K, Stanley Park

2nd March 2013:

Phoenix had a good turnout for this race, put on by the VFAC club and named in memory of our former Phoenix and VFAC teammate Dave Reed. We had seven people competing on a typical Vancouver morning of mild temperatures and light rain. Keith and I were also there to videotape the race and Warren came out to cheer although a persistent calf injury kept him out of the race.

It was easy to spot those good-looking Phoenix red singlets! However, a couple of club members were not wearing them, and were difficult to see—you know who you are!

Special congratulations to Adam Frilund and Mary Gargaro who set PBs in this race! Phoenix results are summarized in the table below. You can view the complete results here. Also be sure to watch Keith's three videos of the race! He has already posted a "long video" and "short video". He is currently working on a video that will showcase Phoenix members exclusively—to be posted soon.

Loading data...
Dave Reed 02-03-2013
Name Time Place in Category
Adam Frilund 17.24 3 (8th overall)
Larry Lorette 17.55 1 (10th overall)
Dave Frilund 19.15 1
Anna Hilborn 21.34 5
Joey Gargaro 21.40 11
Vas Sladek 22.01 6
Mary Gargaro 26.38 6


Fort-2-Fort 5K, Langley

24th February 2013:

Thanks to Vas Sladek for his report from the Fort-2-Fort 5K cross-country race in Langley. Vas bravely ran this event in the pouring rain one day after our Phoenix Chase Run. He finished fourth in his age group with a time of 22:15. More importantly, he told me he was happy about the mud pit on the course!

Phoenix 5K Handicapped Chase Run

23rd February 2013:

You can view the complete results (by order of finish and by age-graded percentage) here. Video should be posted by late Saturday evening!

"First Half" Half Marathon

10th February 2013:

Phoenix members put on a great show at the First Half popular Half Marathon yesterday. The most impressive performances were those of father-and-son Dave and Adam Frilund. Dave won the 55–59 age category in a time of 1:25:04. Adam had tons left at the finish, as he sprinted powerfully by elite masters runner Lisa Harvey just before the line.

You can enjoy watching the Phoenix runners, as well as the race leaders, in these videos by Keith Dunn:

Adam Frilund (with Lisa Harvey) and Larry Lorette finishing:

Five-minute video of the start, 1.5 km mark and top finishers (men and women). This is mostly in slow motion. The finish starts at 3:30 into the video.

Long version of First Half. Finish starts 6:15 into the 14 minute video. This one gives you some excellent closeups ofr the runners.

Thanks to Larry Lorette for sending me the Phoenix results, summarized in the table below. You can view the complete race results here.

Loading data...
First Half 10-02-2013
Name Time Place in Age Group
Adam Frilund 1:20:00
Larry Lorette 1:20:11 3
Chris Tomkinson 1:22:43 4
Dave Frilund 1:25:03 1
Beth Bentley 1:25:57
Matt Sessions 1:27:06
Peggy Brown 1:55:40


 Chris Tomkinson wearing a "vintage" Phoenix t-shirt. Photo by Mike Palichuk.


Aldergrove Mud Run 8K

3rd February 2013:

Vas Slavek writes,

I normally enter all races with the word "mud" in their title. Sadly, this race didn't have any mud; it was in great shape with nice walking trails and some grass, gently rolling and winding through the park. There was one real climb at the 1km mark.
I felt much better than at the Steveston 8km road race. I finished 34/141 overall, 7th in the 40-49 age group, with 37:40, and I really enjoyed the race.

Thanks for the report, Vas. I notice this race didn't stop you from doing the Cloverleaf workout with the club the day before, either!

Icebreaker 8K, Steveston

27th January 2013:

Several Phoneix members competed in the first event of the Lower Mainland Road Racing Series. They were led by Larry Lorette, who won his age category, placing 24th overall in a time of 29:03. Adam Frilund (29:24) had a rare victory over his father Dave (31:08) who grabbed a third place finish in his age group. Joey Gargaro ran a solid time of 35:01, and new club member Vaclav Sladek finished in 36:50.

View complete race results here.

I came across this photo of our own Matt Sessions with Mel Boss before the start of their 100-miler HURT race in Hawaii. This photo was in Mel's blog article about the race, which you can read here.

Perhaps Matt will send me more information about his own race.