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Phoenix Running Club 2016 Race Results

Maintained by Rob Watt. Please contact me if additions or corrections are required.

Gunner Shaw Memorial
Dec 3, 2016

The big story for Phoenix Running Club was Saira Purhar placing 3rd woman overall in the 10K! Saira won the under-20 age group, with a fantastic time of 42:31. Matt Sessions was 3rd in his age group, finishing 15 seconds ahead of Saira in 42:16. Simrin Purhar also had a a great run, placing 2nd in the 20-24 age group with 47:30.

Fall Classic

Nov 13, 2016

Some dampness and breeze made for less than ideal racing conditions. The continual hills challenged all competitors. The organizers made up for it with an excellent post-race event. Eight Phoenix runners attended.

In the 10K:

Geoff Palmer - 40:58

Simrin Purhar - 43:48

Maureen Curtin - 48:58

Nancy Hancharyk - 48:58

In the Half Marathon:

Sarah Richmond - 2:08:11

Patrick Proietti - 1:29:12

Rob Watt - 1:28:55

Larry Lorette - 1:27:52

BC XC Championships, Nanaimo

Oct 29, 2016

This year's championship event featured the largest field of running talent that I have seen in this area. Rio Olympians and former Olympians, top performing runners from the west coast universities, and so many local podium winners in all age groups made this event extra special. Some Phoeinix runners took on the challenge. Saira Purhar, Simrin Purhar, and Rob Watt gave their best however the incredibly strong competition was hard to match. Regardless of the results, it was a very good event which was enjoyed by all.

Vancouver Spirit Run - LMXC Series Race #2

Sept 25, 2016

Formally called the Whistler Spirit Run and relocated to Jerico Park in 2015, this challenging course did not deter four Phoenix Club members from given it their best. The Phoenix runners worked as a team and stayed on pace to finish with very respectable times. The competition was very high with numerous top calibre runners attending.  

Dale Hill - 35:42

Phil Finlayson -33:31, 6th in Masters

Rob Watt - 33:31, 5th in Masters

Larry Lorette - 33:30, 4th in Masters


Phoenix Pinetree Classic Race

Sept 17, 2016

Congrats to Jeff Seeley for a great effort and 2nd place in AG

Lower Mainland Race Race Series Results

Award presented on Spet 17, 2016

Standing in Age Group after completing a minimum of 5 races.

Simrin Purhar - 1st

Nancy Hancharyk - 1st

Joey Gargaro - 1st

Phil Finlayson - 4th

Rob Watt - 1st

Eastside 10K

Sept 17, 2016

The Phoenix club was well represented at this last race of the Lower Mainland Road Race Series. Well done everyone.

Joey Gargaro - 45:02

Saira Purhar - 42:49, 2nd in AG

Simrin Purhar - 47:35

Nancy Hancharyk - 42:35, 3rd in AG

Skagit Flats Marathon

Sept 11, 2016

Larry Lorette and Patrich Proietti travelled south to Burlington WA to grab some Boston Qualifying times and they accomplished their goals. Patrick finished with a 3:13:34 and 4th in AG and Larry crossed the line in 4th place OA at 2:56:02 and took 1st in AG. Well done guys.

MEC Race #5 at Stanley Park

Aug 28, 2016

5K event - Saira Purhar placed first overall in the 5K with a convincing win. Her training is paying off. Congrats Saira. 

Squamish 50

Aug 21, 2016

23K Trail Run - Simrin Purhar completed the torturous 23K trail run which included many ascents and descents. She finished 4th in her age group with a 2:58:08. Nicely done.

50/50 - YIKES!!! 50 miles on day one and 50K the next day. Neelam Purhar did it with a total time of 25:09:34. So very impressive. Check out the course and elevation gains for these runs on the site. Neelam is my new idol.

Squamish Days 8K

July 31, 2016

Race #10 of the Lower Mainland Road Race Series was changed to an 8K from a 10K run this year. Conditions were a bit cool for a BC Day long weekend but made for a comfortable run. Canadian olympian Natasha Wodak joined the field of runners in preparation for Rio. She ran very near her pace which she ran in the 10,000m in the medal event so needless to say, we saw very little of her on the course. That said, our Phoenix Club members had a very strong performance. All members placed 1st in AG. Simrin and Nancy paced each other for most of the race which they believe contributed to their very good times.

Simrin Purhar ran a fast 34:39 and set an 8K PB time but a large margin

Nancy Hancharyk completed the course with a very solid 34:15 and fastest 8K this year.

Rob Watt finished with a 30:27. Very pleased to knock 22 seconds off the previous best 8K.


Our Phoenix Club members after the race along with our friend Craig Premack (32:48).

VFAC Summerfast 10K

July 16, 2016

(from Nancy Tinari's posting onthe PRC facebook page)

Everyone on the Phoenix team at Summerfast 10K today was an age-group medallist! Congratulations to Robert Watt, 1st in AG with a fast 38:22! The VFAC club age-graded the results, too, and Robert was the best in our group with his 80.4%, National class! Also running strong to capture third place in their age divisions were Dave Frilund (43:04), Nancy Hancharyk (44:22), and Simrin Purhar (46:14).
Thanks for the photo, Neelam Purhar!

Phoenix Run Club Team at Summerfast 2016

Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run

July 9, 2016

Dan Kilpatrick, Leah Whitworth, and Dave Whitworth  took on this intimidating and brutal trail run on Vancouver's north shore.

Dan completed this in 7:52:40 and placed 2nd in his AG.

Leah finished in 9:05:38.

Dave completed in 9:44:09.

Congratulations for completing such a grueling event.

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon

June 26, 2016

(from Nancy Tinari's posting onthe PRC facebook page)

There were some excellent Phoenix performances at the Vancouver Scotiabank Half-Marathon yesterday, a day that felt like the first day of summer! Rob Watt turned in the best (and fastest) Phoenix run with a third-place finish in his age group at 1:26:39. Dave Frilund continued his speedy comeback to place 4th in his category in 1:34:32. Joey Gargaro ran a solid 1:37:41, with mom Mary Gargaro breaking the 2-hour barrier in 1:58:56

Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge

June 21, 2016

Phoenix Club member Matt Sessions took on this mega challenge and completed 10 grinds within the 4am to 10PM time frame. Gotta be feeling the burn after that.


Longest Day 5k and 10k
June 10, 2016

(from Nancy Tinari's posting onthe PRC facebook page)

Our Phoenix squad was very competitive at the Longest Day 5K last night. The top Phoenix performer was Dave Frilund, winning the hotly-contested 60+ division (21:08) to grab his biggest running paycheque ever! (Better keep the amount private.) I finished second in the women's 40-59 division (20:08) to win a slightly smaller cheque. The fastest Phoenix runner was Rob Watt, coming in at 18:26. Joey Gargaro has rebounded well from his May marathon and ran a great 20:29. Next in was Simrin Purhar (21:36) (and thanks to Simrin's Mom Neelam for all the cheers!). Vas Sladek was next at 23:40, and Mary Gargaro broke her goal time with a 25:50. Phoenixer Ian Christy was our sole participant in the 10K race, with a respectable 52:28.
It was a perfect night for running, cool and sunny--but the barbecue line was too long! Thanks for all the great photos, Keith Dunn.

Mary in the last few strides to the line

Simrim going for the outside pass (wrong side for the photo)

Dave looking strong again

Joey striding hard

Nancy just about to grab a 2nd place.

Rob giving everything to finish the race

Sandcastle City Classic 5k
June 5, 2016

As temperatures crept into the low 20's at race time, Phoenix runners attacked the revised Sandcastle course. The new out and back course along Marine Drive did not dissapoint the hill climbers but left most runners with some serious quadricep burn. The Phoenix club was well represented by: Saira Purhar finishing in 20:57 and placing 2nd in AG, Nancy Hancharyk completing it in 22:10 with a 2nd in AG, Dave Frilund with a 21:57 to take a 1st in AG, and Rob Watt at 19:15 for a 3rd in AG. As usual the Semiahmoo Sunrunners put on a very good event.

Hopefully we will find some photos.

Ambleside Mile
June 4, 2016

(form PRC facebook page)

Congratulations to Mark Middleton and Alison Sandell for representing Phoenix at the Ambleside Mile. Mark finished 6th overall in a time of 4:49, while Alison broke the 9-minute barrier with her 8:56, showing her versatility this year running distances from 1 mile to half marathon, plus triathlons!



Shaughnessy 8K
May 15, 2016

Ideal running conditions and a well organized event made for an enjoyable morning at this 8K event. This is a hilly course and all participants commented on the challenge. Our cheery group of Phoenix runners faired well.

Rene Lattmann, 40:04, 8th in AG

Mary Gargaro, 43:28, 4th in AG

Joey Gargaro, 34:58, 3rd in AG

Rob Watt, 31:09, 1st in AG

Shaughnessy 8k
photo courtesy of Mary Gargaro

 -- posted by Rob Watt



Vancouver BMO Marathon and Half

May 1, 2016

The club was well represented by members in the full, half, and team relay events.

Larry Lorette 3:02:03 5th in AG
Mark Middleton 3:15:06  
Matt Sessions 3:22:15  
Patrick Proietti 3:28:30  
Joey Gargaro 3:52:02  
Simrin Purhar 1:35:02 1st
Bryan Sherrell 1:44:52  
Ian Christy 1:58:28  
Relay Event Cordova Chargers 2nd
Nancy Hancharyk 1:00:18 13.2K
Maureen Curtin 55:18 11.8K
Alison Sandell    

Congratulations to all of our runners.


2016 Vancouver Sun Run

April 17, 2016

Posting by Nancy Tinari (from FB page)

What a perfect morning it was. Keith Dunn and I were at the 9K mark on the Cambie Street Bridge, videotaping and cheering. We saw Phoenix runners Robert Watt (38:49, 8th in category), Matt Sessions (couldn't find in results--running under an alias--he was a minute or two behind Robert), and Maureen Curtin (45:59, 9th in age category). I also discovered John Woodcock in the results with a very decent 1:00:43.

MEC Fast Blaster 5K and 10K

April 10, 2016

Phoenix Club members descended upon Mundy Park to redden the field of runners. With the multitude of hills etched into their muscle memories, they were poised to take a stand upon the podium. That said, many runners attended the event and challenged the Phoenix Club. From the stories I have heard, it was an enjoyable event. It is a tough course that takes minutes away from best times. Congrats to the Phoenix runners.


5K Results    
Nancy Hancharyk 21:55 1st place
Maureen Curtin 23:24 3rd place
Rene Lattmann 25:30  
 10K Results    
 Simrin Purhar  44:40  
 Dan Kilpatrick  49:57  
 Dave Whitworth  50:15  
 Ian Christy  56:31  
 Alison Sandell  67:26  
 Mark Middleton  67:28  

2016 MEC Phoenix team

Keith Dunn photo

 -- posting by Rob W.

Birch Bay Road Race 15K/30K

April 2, 2016

Simrim, Alison, and Mark represented the club in the 15K event. All of us should mark this one on next year's calendar. Read Simrin's account of the day on her Daughter of a Runner page.

birch bay 2016

 -- posting by Rob W.

Modo Spring Run-Off 8K in Stanley Park

March 20, 2016

Snippet from Nancy T's FB Posting

Simrin Purhar looks pretty happy after finishing 2nd (35:24) in the 15-19 age group at the Modo Spring Run-Off 8K this morning! Robert Watt and Vas Sladek were also racing at Stanley Park today. Robert finished second in the men's 50-54 (30:49), while Vas was 18th in the 45-49 category (37:44). Congratulations Phoenix runners! 


Modo 8k 1

St Patrick's Day 5K - Stanley Park

March 12, 2016

Snippets from Nancy T's FB posting

St. Patrick's Day 5K in Stanley Park. ... A few Phoenix people were having fun at this race. We were led by Robert Watt's 18:52 finish--good enough for second in M50-54. I was happy to break 20:00 and won the F55-59 with 19:53. Nancy Hancharyk wasn't far behind with 20:45 to place 4th in F40-44. Alison Sandell and Mark Middleton ran together, finishing in 31:40.


St Pats 1 St Pats 2


Dirty Duo Trail Run and Ride - various courses

March 5, 2016

Dan Kilpatrick took on the very challenging 27K trail run and completed it in 3:32:05. Way to go Dan.

Matt Sessions tackled the 50K Trail Ultra run and finished in 6: 16:52. Nice.

West Van Run 5K and 10K

March 5, 2016

Snippet from Nancy T's FB Posting

... Joey Gargaro and mom Mary Gargaro were rocking at the West Van Run 10K. Joey's finish line photos show him flying in at 43:17, while Mary continued her comeback to run 54:53. ...


First Half - Half Marathon

Feb 14, 2016

A typical west coast winter day greeted runners at this very popular half marathon event. Although I had registered for the event, I wisely refrained from running due to a hamstring issue. Instead I grabbed the camera and spectated. Mark middleton and Larry Lorette performed well with times of 1:18:55 and 1:21:24. One would expect these times to land them on the podium but the strong field denied them of that. Post race chats confirmed that this will not deter either of them from persuing faster times. Official results posted on Startline Timing site. Images: Mark and Larry are shown exibiting great form in final sprint to the finish line.



 -- posted by Rob Watt

Steveston Ice-Brrrrreaker - 8K

Jan 17, 2016

From Larry's FB posting:

Congrats to all Phoenix members who braved the windy conditions at the 2016 Stevenson Icebreaker 8k. Below are the race results:
Mark Middleton - 28:35 3rd in AG
Larry Lorette - 29:41 1st in AG
Robert Watt - 31:19 1st in AG
Saira Purhar - 33:19 1st in AG
Joey Gargaro - 34:27 3rd in AG
Simrin Purhar- 35:21 2nd in AG
Nancy Hancharyk - 35.23 5th in AG
Maureen Curtin - 37.37 5th in AG
Vas Sladek - 40.50 13th in AG
Alison Sandell - 53.56 (who ran 4 x 1 mile repeats hard the day before) 20th in AG

A great showing for Team Phoenix!

Check out the hardware earned by club members at this event. Impressive!