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Join us on the trail for the Pinetree Classic X-Country Meet on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

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Phoenix Running Club Workouts

February 2018 Schedule (Saturdays 8:30am)


Please note: February workouts in Mundy Park may need to be cancelled or changed because of snow and ice. An alternate workout site might be arranged some weeks—probably at the intersection of Victoria and Cedar in Port Coquitlam where the dike sections begin. Check the current week’s email from Nancy or contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Saturday, Feb. 3

  Waterline Trail workout. Start at Baker. Run the entire Waterline Trail from the north end to the south end. Try to do it twice in each direction with a 2-minute rest between each repeat. The distance is about 1.2K.

 Saturday, Feb. 10

 Firehall miles. Start at the Baker intersection. Run south on Waterline, then turn left onto Interlaken and left again onto the perimeter trail. Stop at the top of the hill where the paved bike path meets the trail. Rest for two minutes. Then run back to Baker in the opposite direction. Try to do three or four mile repeats (two in each direction).

 Saturday, Feb. 17

 Stairloops/Mundy Lake loops. Try 2-3 sets of alternating stair loops (~1k) and Mundy Lake loops (500m).

  Saturday, Feb. 24

 Cloverleaf workout. Start at the crossroads above/near Mundy Lake. Run four different loops: approximate distances are 2.3K, 1.9K, 1.4K and 0.8K. Take about two minutes’ rest between loops. 



 Saturday Morning Workouts

The Saturday morning workouts are our main weekly workout and are typically attended by the most Phoenix members (usually between 10 and 20). For anyone who is thinking of coming to the club for the first time we recommend coming to one of these workouts, as they provide an excellent opportunity to mix and chat with current members. Runners who are not yet Phoenix members are welcome to join us (free of charge) at any of our workouts to experience what we are all about before committing to join.

The Saturday morning workouts start at 8:30am, leaving from the gravel parking lot on the west side of Mundy Park (off Hillcrest Street). Please note that we leave at 8:30am sharp for our run, so we advise on getting there 10-15 minutes for announcements, and to guarantee you don’t miss us!

The workout schedule varies from week to week, but the pattern is usually the same. We start off with a slow warm-up jog to a start point in the park. Once we have congregated the details of the main workout are explained, and then we all do the workout at our own individual pace. The main component of the workout is usually a number of loops, run at different paces according to distance. Once we are all done, we jog back to the meeting point for optional post workout chat and analysis. Because the main part of the workout can be done at any speed, it offers runners of all abilities the chance to run and improve at their own pace. The workouts usually last about an hour in total.

There is a lot of experience in the club, and any of our more experienced runners are more than happy to share their experience and advice to newcomers. So if your goal is just to improve your health or beat your personal best in the Half Marathon, join us on Saturday mornings and start down that path!


 Phoenix Chase Runs

Phoenix Chase Runs are a fun way to experience a race environment without any of the complications of pre-registration and race fees. The chases are usually scheduled every few weeks and are run in Mundy Park in lieu of one of our Saturday morning workouts. The course is either a measured double loop (approximately 5km) or a measured mile (point to point). All contestants prior to starting estimate their completion time, and start times are staggered accordingly. If everyone estimates correctly, all participants should pass though the finishing line at more or less the same time, making for a exciting climax, and a strong motivation to push for the last 100 meters. The chase runs are timed (by club member volunteers) and quite often there will be photos and videos taken and posted online.

The Phoenix chase runs are great fun, and provide an ideal opportunity to measure one’s progress month after month.



 Track Workouts

Track workouts take place at Town Center Stadium on Tuesday evenings, starting at 6:00pm. Note that times are likely to change so contact Larry Lorette (604-472-1570), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for workout confirmations.

Our track workouts consist of different distance repetitions at pace, and are ideal preparation for runners who want to improve their race competitiveness utilizing controlled and measured high intensity workouts.

Note that until further notice our track runs are cancelled (due to injury of our main track Athlete). Check back regularly for updates on this.


 Sunday Long Runs

Sunday long runs start at 8:00am unless other times have been arranged by members texting each other or other means. These Port Coquitlam runs start at the parking lot and washrooms where Victoria Drive and Cedar Drive meet. The running routes follow the dykes around the Pitt River and other sections of the PoCo Trail as well as the Minnekhada Loop. The scenery makes for a spectacular backdrop for an early morning run!

The workouts usually last between one and three hours, taking in distances between 10km and 35km. Pacing depends on the training goals of members however there is usually someone there to match up with. These sessions offer a great opportunity to improve fitness for longer events such as the half or full marathon. Unlike the Mundy Park workouts, the route is almost entirely flat, allowing for faster paces to be maintained. We vary the format of the Sunday runs. Sometimes we will do “long and steady”, other times we will finish fast, and on other occasions we will throw in some Fartlek interval training. For those beginning distance training, there are opportunities to turn back early if the full distance is too much.


 Trail Runs

Our trail runs are not scheduled into our regular calendar, and are usually arranged ad-hock by our club members. Be sure to look up the MeetUp calendar so as not to miss out!

Trail runs tend to be longer and slower, with a focus on conditioning for longer distances (such as Ultra-Marathons). Runs may last anything from 2 to 8 hours, take in distances up to 50km and have substantial changes in elevation. As we cover such large distances, they provide a great opportunity to explore the beautiful trails and scenery that surrounds us in this part of the world. As we are spoilt for choice in this respect, it is unlikely that routes will be repeated that often.

Please note that because these runs are likely to take in remote and potentially tricky terrain, it is important that runners bring with them supplies, equipment, clothing, food and water appropriate for any backcountry trip. Please contact the workout organiser if you need any advice on this.